Our Outerwear

Our Outerwear

So far we've released 5 outerwear sewing patterns!


Left-to-right Leila wears the Cobden Chore Jacket, Belmore Jacket, Shoalhaven Shacket, Grainger Coat, and Mallee Jacket


Shoalhaven Shacket

Our answer to the shacket trend in RTW, our Shoalhaven Shacket remains the pattern which Leila is most proud of!

With the most 'coat-like' features, the Shoalhaven is a juicy sew with plenty of great details.

It looks great in coating (my Shoalhaven, above, uses a double-faced wool coating, but find more great fabrics here), boiled wools and even denim and canvas. If you're not sure whether a shacket is for you, check out our Pinterest Board of Shoalhaven inspiration!

Below, a lovely Shoalhaven , Tarawi Shirt, Tarlee T-shirt and Birchgrove Pants combo excellently displays how our patterns can be mixed-and-matched together.


Belmore Jacket

For a quick but satisfying pattern, our Belmore Jacket might be the perfect fit! The unique design-lines of the Belmore means it lends itself to colour-blocking and scrap-busting (check out some great Belmore Jackets from the community).

In terms of fabric, your fabric choice can determine the seasonal appropriateness of the Belmore! Boiled wool is cosy, medium-weight linen will make for great sun protection- see a few fabric suggestions here.

 Want to line your Belmore? We've got a Patreon Pattern Bonus for that!

Check out these blog posts about our outerwear

Grainger Coat

With 2-lengths and the possibility of self-quilting your jacket (or using pre-quilted fabrics like these), the Grainger Coat can be a quick-project or slow-sewing!

Quilted coats are having a real moment right now, and we've filled a Pinterest Board with inspo for you!

Emily improv-pieced and self-quilted an earlier version of our Grainger (which had a different neckline) and shares the details on our blog. If you're interested in self-quilting, there's some great examples in the #GraingerCoat hashtag!

There's a Patreon Pattern Bonus which gives some alternative pockets for the Grainger too!

Mallee Jacket

Our first outerwear pattern, the Mallee Jacket was designed with boil wool in mind! The whole jacket can be finished with unique overlapping seams, which takes advantage of the great qualities of boiled wool (which doesn't fray, so doesn't need any finishing)!

Not sure where to get boiled wool for your Mallee? Check out our blog post with links to places to shop.

Cobden Chore Jacket

Our latest outerwear pattern, our Cobden Chore Jacket brings a workwear vibe and all the pockets!

We've got heaps of inspiration on our Pinterest Board and we've also rounded up some fabric suggestions on the blog.

A great opportunity to practice your top-stitching, below is a great version from Tracy who has nailed the contrasting top-stitching.


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