Quilting your Grainger

Quilting your Grainger

Although pre-quilted fabric generally doesn't come with a huge array of quilted patterns, if you're choosing to quilt your own fabric for our Grainger Coat, then you've got a lot more room to play with your quilting pattern!

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Self-Quilting your Grainger Coat

If you've read our earlier blog post which talks about batting for your Grainger, you'll know that different battings have different levels of loftiness, and they'll generally tell you how far away to place your quilting lines.

This means that the quilting design that you'd like to do on your jacket could inform what kind of batting you use for your coat. If you'd like to do an intricate design with close-together lines, then a cotton batting with low-loft (like Emily used on her coat here) is what you're after. If you want extra puffiness and further apart lines, wool or an extra-lofty polyester could be the kind of batting that will work best with your Grainger Coat.

This quilted coat from Ilkapilka has a simple botanical quilted design on a plain fabric.

The line drawing for our Grainger Coat, has a diamond shaped quilting pattern, but that's mostly just to indicate that this is no normal jacket! If you're self-quilting fabric for your Grainger, you can quilt the design in any way that you like (and your choice will drastically alter the look of your final coat)!


This quilted coat from la garconne shows what can be done by alternating the quilting design over a plain fabric


Quilting the Pockets

Our pockets also provide an extra opportunity for playing with the quilting, or providing contrast. Contrasting the pattern of the quilting on the pocket will also help avoid the need for pattern matching!


This quilted number from Kordal alternates the direction of the quilting on the pockets, compared to the front and sleeves.



This quilted jacket from Mango skips the need for pattern matching entirely by adding on pockets which are plain, in contrast to the lovely wavy quilting pattern on the front pieces.


Need extra inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board of Quilted Coats and Jackets, and our Pinterest board of Machine and hand-quilting!

Emily quilted her own improv-quilted Grainger Coat, and the results speak for themselves! The Grainger can be a great way to scrap-bust, or to sink your teeth into a slow-sewing project! Read about how Emily quilted her coat here.


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