Fabric for your Shacket

 Our Shoalhaven Shacket is coming soon, and we wanted to tell you more about the fabric recommended for this cosy outer-layer!




Boiled wool would be a great choice for your Shoalhaven Shacket- check out our roundup of places to shop boiled wool here.


Our Shoalhaven Shacket is specifically designed for thick fabrics like wool coating, boiled wool, washed denim, or even a hefty corduroy. Perfect for snuggling by an outdoor fire or walks in the woods! For your lining fabric, you want a medium-weight woven fabric which is easy to work with (cotton lawn is a great choice here)!

If you've got a standard-weight flannel that you'd like to use then the Waikerie Shirt or Waikerie Dress would be a great use for that fabric.


How much fabric?

See our blog post with the fabric yardage and notion requirements here!


B&J Fabrics (USA)

B&J has a large selection of wool coating fabrics, including quite a few unusual prints. They have plain wools like this bamboo/cashmere/wool, this pink and grey doubleface wool coating, and this doubleface wool/cashmere coating. They've got a gorgeous red buffalo wool plaid, a 3d embroidered leopard print wool, multi-coloured rainbow wool/cashmere, and this geometric printed wool coating.


Mood Fabrics (USA)

Mood has a huge variety of fabrics which would make an excellent Shoalhaven Shacket including this black and white buffalo plaid wool coating, this pastel plaid wool fleece, this lightweight tencel denim, or this bright orange softshell fabric.

Stonemountain & Daughter (USA)

Based in California, Stonemountain & Daughter always has a delightful selection of fabrics. This blue and black buffalo plaid wool, this leaf green boiled wool/viscose, this citrus boiled wool/viscose, this bright kiwi green wool coating, this forest green wool melton, or this double-faced wool blend which is baby pink on one side and grey on the other, would all make for a delightful Shoalhaven Shacket.

Also in the USA, check out the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store, Johnson Woolen Mills, Natures Fabrics, Gorgeous Fabrics and Big Duck Canvas.


I Love Needlework (Canada)

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Liz & Kate have a tidy selection of coating fabrics (including boiled wool), bottom weight denims and twills, and a selection of corduroy which would be great for the Shoalhaven.

Also in Canada, check out the Dorr Mill store, Nelson Stitch Lab, Club Tissus, Watertower Textiles, Macphee Workshop, Fabrictime, and Fabricville.


Croft Mills (UK)

Check out their extensive colour selection of boiled wool, this mid-blue washed denim, this light washed denim, this unbleached bull denim, and this lovely beige moleskin for Shoalhaven Shacket options.

Yorkshire Fabrics (UK)

Has an extensive selection of moleskin in a variety of different shades, and a  large range of wool coatings. Highlights from the wool coatings include this heather and brown check plaid coating, this moss and red check plaid coating, this heather and purple check plaid coating, and this multi-colour spot coating.

Stoff & Stil (EU)

Check out their selection of cotton canvas, heavy wool, and this soft washed denim for some Shoalhaven Shacket inspiration!

If you're in the UK or EU, also check out Fabric Sight, Stone Fabrics, and Guthrie & Ghani.


Drapers Fabrics (NZ and Aus)

With shops in Auckland and Melbourne, and excellent and relatively frequent sales, Drapers Fabrics has a decent stock of wool for your Shoalhaven Shacket, even though it's summer down here! This green and gold check wool coating, this oxblood wool coating, this ginger coloured boiled wool, and even this raspberry cotton drill would be a great choice for your shacket.


Potter & Co (Aus)

Based in Perth, Potter & Co has a lovely selection of fabrics which would work with a variety of Muna and Broad patterns (including heavyweight denim appropriate for our Noice Jeans)! Check out this brushed rust-coloured wool coating, this fuzzy camel-coloured wool blend, and this cosy felted wool.


Shacket Lining Fabric

If you wanted to be extra coordinated, you could plan to make bias tape from the same fabric that you'll use for your facings on the Shoalhaven! You'll want to choose a fabric that's easy to work with (linen that's prone to fraying is not a good choice)- a crisp cotton lawn or cotton sateen would be perfect.

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