Shopping for Boiled Wool


Our Mallee Jacket was designed with boiled wool in mind, but it's also the perfect fabric to line your Grainger Coat with, if you're looking for something extra cosy!

Since many folks in the Northern Hemisphere are heading in to cooler weather, we're seeing more shops are getting boiled wool in stock. At the same time, many of the shops down here in NZ and Aus which did have boiled wool in stock in winter no longer have any in stock!

If you're looking for boiled wool, below are some places to shop depending on where in the world you are!


In NZ and Australia

Drapers Fabric NZ and Australia
Miss Maude NZ
Ackroyd & Adams NZ
MaaiDesigns Australia
The Drapery Australia
Minerva's Bower Australia

Above is Fanta boiled wool from Drapers Fabric which has stores in NZ and Aus

In USA and Canada

Blackbird Fabrics
Mood Fabrics USA
Simplifi Fabric Canada
Stonemountain & Daughter USA
Sitka Fabrics Canada
Emma One Sock USA
Stylemaker Fabrics USA
Needlework Hamilton Canada
Britex Fabrics USA
The Confident Stitch USA

This Italian boiled wool is from Emma One Sock

In the UK

Croft Mill UK
Sherwood Fabrics UK
Minerva Fabrics UK
Simply Fabrics UK
Stone Fabrics UK
Dragonfly Fabrics UK

This dark green boiled wool is from the selection at Dragonfly Fabrics in the UK

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