Shopping pre-quilted fabric

Shopping pre-quilted fabric

 Maybe you'd love to add a Grainger Quilted Coat to your wardrobe, but quilting your own fabric seems like just a bit too much work.


We've rounded up some pre-quilted fabrics for folks who might be keen for the quilted look without the work that goes in to it!

One thing to note is that I couldn't find any pre-quilted fabrics which used something other than polyester batting (except if it contained no batting at all), so if you'd like an all natural quilted coat then you might need to look at self-quilting. Read more about that here!



We've found some more excellent and unique quilted fabrics since this post went live, so we've added them in at the top of the blog-post for you and as of 11/10/22, all of these links are still live!


We've found some pre-quilted Nani Iro! Miss Matatabi (Japan), Stonemountain & Daughters (USA), and Patch Halifax (Canada) all have some in stock.


My Fabrics in the UK has a large variety of quilted fabrics which would be suitable for our Grainger Coat. They have some great pre-quilted double gauze and metallif options too.

Fabric Godmother in the UK has a few different pre-quilted options in stock currently.

 Denim pre-quilted fabric

Mood (USA) Diamond Quilted Denim Coating with Filler and many other quilted options.

If you're in the UK, Empress Mills also stocks a selection of pre-quilted denim.

 This quilted denim could give strong work-wear vibes, but could also look a little fancy, depending on the finish you choose for the edges!

Sporty pre-quilted fabrics

There was no shortage of slightly shiny polyester pre-quilted fabrics, and there's certainly a lot of different colours, quilting patterns and price points. This kind of fabric can be incredibly cost effective, and the shiny nature can read a bit sporty (depending on how you finish it). Especially great for weekends or outdoor wear, this kind of fabric is similar to what Leila made her short Grainger Coat from!

STOFFin (Germany) stocks a range of pre-quilted fabrics, including the khaki windbreaker fabric above.

Fabricland (UK) has a selection of affordable pre-quilted fabrics

KBTFabricUK on Etsy also has a selection of similarly priced pre-quilted fabrics

 Mood (USA) Black Medium Squares Quilted Coating. Mood has a decent selection of pre-quilted fabrics which seems to be pretty 'seasonless', whereas a lot of my smaller, local shops keep up with the seasons a bit more and don't have much in the way of 'winter fabrics' in stock when it's warm out.

It's also worthwhile checking online with places like Etsy, Alibaba, Ebay, Gumtree, etc.



Miss Maude


Fabric Paradise
Stone Mountain and Daughter
Mood Fabrics
Patch Halifax


EU and UK

My Fabrics
EU Fabrics
Higgs and Higgs
Active Fabrics
Empress Mills
Fabric Land
Fabric Godmother



Miss Matatabi
Fabric Lore


Thank you for the great information, its fantastic that you have done the hard work of sourcing for us.

Rosemary Frew

Hi, I love this roundup because have been looking for prequilted fabric for ages … just for anyone interested I have used the merchant mills – it is perfect for a box top but probably too light for a jacket – a double layer cotton gauze Jacquard woven so not really quilted although a quilt like effect…


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