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Our Patreon Insiders and Makers get access to monthly pattern bonuses, which include stand-alone patterns and expansions for our existing range of sewing patterns.

Signing up as an Insider or Maker on Patreon will give you access to all the previous pattern bonuses, and you'll also get 15% off any of our patterns at any time!

Below, we've rounded up all of our current Patreon Pattern Bonuses. Sign up  and you'll get access to all of the previous bonuses too, as well as the bonus from this month.

The September Pattern Bonus is 2 different inseam pockets which can be substituted into our patterns or used for your pattern hacks.

The August Pattern Bonus is roll up sleeve button tabs and bonus pockets for our Tarawi Shirt.


The July Pattern Bonus is a tool roll with customisable pockets, which has room for all the bits and bobs you regularly use.


The June Pattern Bonus is 2 bonus pockets for our Waikerie Shirt & Dress patterns.

The May Pattern Bonus is a stand collar for our Waikerie Shirt & Dress patterns.


Above, you can see Leila in her black Belmore Jacket, which she's lined in fabric from Molly Molly in Australia.
The March Pattern Bonus, a funnelneck for our Tarlee T-Shirt.
The funnelneck add-on for our Tarlee T-Shirt makes for a beautifully draped neckline, which is warm but isn't tight around the neck. Because of the unique in-set piece on the Tarlee, using the funnelneck is a cinch!
If you don't like the feeling of a high neckline around your neck, the funnelneck Tarlee could be a great option for you as it doesn't feel at all restrictive!
The February Pattern Bonus, bonus pockets for our Grainger Coat.
We were excited to expand the possibilities of our quilted coat, the Grainger Coat!
These pockets allow you to 'choose your own pocket depth'- there's plenty of room for several bottles of something and maybe even a small dog! They also make it easier to play with colour-blocking or do something interesting with your quilting, if you're self-quilting.
Expanding the possibilities of our Huon Shirt & Dress, this bonus ruffled collar and matching cuffs make for a gorgeous gathered, almost Victorian era, look!
The December Pattern Bonus, a quilted oven mitt, can be downloaded here.
Our December Pattern Bonus was designed with gifting in mind! Leila used fabric from KickAshe, but you could also make a matching Apreon, for a great gift combo!

The November Pattern Bonus, a cross-back apron, can be downloaded here.

 We've been calling this one our Apreon, since it's our Patreon Apron! The Apron comes in 3 sizes- large adult, small adult and child sizes and there's a patch pocket which is perfect for stashing your phone in!


The October Pattern Bonus, 2 Waikerie Collars, can be downloaded here.
Expand the possibilities of our Waikerie Shirts & Dresses with these 2 bonus collars. One, is a rounded collar, and the other is pointed collar which is smaller than the original!
The August Pattern Bonus, the Semi-Breve Pouch, can be downloaded here.
The Semi-breve makes a perfect entry into quilting! If you're thinking you might like to self-quilt our Grainger Coat, then making a Semi-Breve Pouch will let you practise many of the techniques that will pop up!
Check out this gorgeous pouch from @lyshabait which has tigers!

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