Chore Jacket Fabrics

Chore Jacket Fabrics

The Cobden Chore Jacket is our newest pattern! It's a lightweight jacket designed to be made with with rugged fabrics like denim and canvas.

Leila used a crosshatch indigo rigid denim for her Codben and I used a wisteria bull denim, both from Blackbird Fabrics in Canada.

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For your Cobden Chore Jacket we suggest thick cotton moleskin, denims, canvas, cotton twill, corduroy, oilskin, and waxed canvas. Workwear style fabrics will take well to being topstitched and will highlight the casual vibe of the jacket.

In the USA and Canada

White Oak Cone Denim in the USA is where you can buy Cone Mills Denim directly

Big Duck Canvas in the USA has a 10 and 12 oz cotton canvas, 12 oz bull denim, various heavyweight cotton ducks, and waxed canvas too

Blackbird Fabrics in Canada stocks denim and bull denim which would be appropriate

Got fabric recommendations?

Let us know in the comments if you have an online source for Cobden fabrics, especially cotton moleskin or good quality oilskin

In Australia, and NZ

Miss Maude in New Zealand has a selection of denims, and drills

Hawes and Freer in New Zealand stocks moleskin in serious colours

Minervas Bower in Australia stocks a natural moleskin and a variety of denims

In the UK and Europe

Croft Mills in the UK has a decent collection of denims, drills, a navy moleskin and waxed cotton

Fabrics Galore in the UK stocks a range of denims which would be appropriate

Yorkshire Fabrics in the UK have a selection of heavy-weight 12oz moleskin fabrics and denims

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