Our quilted Grainger Coat

Our quilted Grainger Coat

Designed with quilting in mind, our Grainger Coat might be the perfect project to keep you cozy and warm this year!


Stay warm and celebrate with us

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About the Grainger

The Grainger Coat is an oversized, quilted coat which can be made to hit at the hip or at the thigh.

Use pre-quilted fabric or self-quilt your own fabric if you're looking for a larger project!

Generous pockets in both the hip and thigh-length views have enough room to keep your hands and your phone cozy. The inside of the Grainger can be fully lined or the seams can be finished using a special flat binding finish, choose a coordinating bias tape and your coat will be reversible!

The edges of the Grainger are bound with bias or twill tape (match the fabric or use a contrasting fabric) and the coat is closed with snaps.

Want to expand your Grainger?

Our February pattern bonus for our Makers and Insiders on Patreon is a bonus pocket view for our Grainger (below). Signing up as a Maker or Insider gets you access to all of our previous pattern bonuses, and 15% off any patterns at any time.


Want Grainger Coat resources?


Checkout the hashtag #GraingerCoat on Insta!



Patchworking your Grainger

The Grainger can be the perfect opportunity to use up those scraps of fabric that you couldn't bear to part with! Check out this blog post which shows some detail shots of Emily's amazing improv pieced coat (above, you can see Emily's quilted coat, which was an early test version of the pattern)!

If you'd like to start with a smaller project, our Semi-Breve pouch was our August pattern bonus for our Makers and Insiders on Patreon. This small pouch uses many of the same processes as the Grainger Coat, and could be the perfect vehicle for testing out piecing, quilting and finishing the edges with the same binding finish that's used on the Grainger.

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Hi Gail,

It wasn’t designed with this in mind, no. Of course you could experiment with changing the pattern but it does have a dropped-shoulder and a boxy fit which might not be exactly what you’re after with a vest.


Jess from Muna and Broad

Can the Grainger be made as a vest (i.e., without the sleeves?)


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