Quilted coat inspiration!

Quilted coat inspiration!

 Our Grainger Coat was designed with quilting in mind! We've been

Check out our Pinterest Board of Grainger Coat inspiration, and our board of quilting inspiration!

We've seen so many great versions of the Grainger Coat popping up online!



 Using pre-quilted fabric

This week I spent some time updating our list of online fabric shops which currently have pre-quilted fabrics in stock!

Often, the availability of these special fabrics can change along with the seasons, although I have had good success sourcing these fabrics from local brick-and-mortar stores year round.

Using pre-quilted fabric can make your Grainger a great weekend afternoon project! Other quick-sewing alternatives to quilting your own fabric include using quilted fabrics, like Lilli has done above.


Quilting your own fabric

Emily improv quilted this early tester version of our Grainger Coat, and the results are absolutely stunning! Check out this blog post where Emily steps us through how she quilted her Grainger.

Below, Leila wears her self-quilted Grainger. Like Emily, Leila used her machine to quilt diamonds across her Grainger.




Want to know more about quilting and batting?

Check out our blog posts about the various things which might be handy to know if you intend to self-quilt your Grainger!

 We talk about the different kinds of batting, share some quilting inspiration and more!



Expand the possibilities of the Grainger?

Our February pattern bonus for our Makers and Insiders on Patreon is a bonus pocket view for our Grainger (below). Signing up as a Maker or Insider gets you access to all of our previous pattern bonuses, and 25% off any patterns at any time.






Want more off?

You can become a Muna and Broad Maker or Insider on Patreon. and you'll get 25% off any pattern at any time (and access to all of our previous pattern bonuses)!

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I practically cried when I went through your selections. At last pattern that will not only fit but will celebrate who we are as larger ladies. Thank you so much!


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