3-piece M&B outfits

3-piece M&B outfits

 Since our patterns are designed to be paired together, here's a roundup of outfits from Leila and me where we're wearing 3 M&B patterns together.

We've got lots of great blog posts about our Belmore Jacket, Grainger Coat, Mallee Jacket, and Shoalhaven Shacket.

I'm wearing a linen Belmore Jacket, Waikerie Shirt and Glebe Pants.

The cuffs on this summer-weight Belmore use leftover Liberty Lawn from my shirt. Check out our blog posts about the Belmore Jacket if you want to see some inspirational community makes.


Leila pairs her Shoalhaven Shacket with a Tarlee T-Shirt, wide-leg Noice Jeans and a self-made vegetable-tanned leather belt!

You can make the belt with a lot of the same equipment that you use to make our Breve Bag!


I'm wearing a Grainger Coat, Tarlee T-Shirt (funnelneck Patreon bonus) and ribbed wool Birchgrove Pants. 

I used pre-quilted fabric for my Grainger, and used the lining to enclose the seams and skip the binding around the edges.


 Leila's slow-fashion witch look is a Grainger Coat, Torrens Box Top and Glebe Pants.

 Leila self-quilted her own fabric to make her Grainger Coat. Check out our blog posts about the Grainger for more info on pre-quilted or self-quilting.



 I'm wearing a Mallee Jacket, Tarawi Shirt and Glebe Pants.

These pink pants turn up a lot through this roundup, because they're my favourite and most-worn pants!

 Although I skipped adding any closures here, its really easy to add buttons to boiled wool, because you don't need to make actual buttonholes. Check out some inspirational community-made Mallee (including some with closures) on the #MalleeJacket hashtag!


 Leila wears a Belmore Jacket, Waikerie Shirt (View A), and wide-leg Noice Jeans.

 Because of the design lines of the Belmore, it's perfect for scrap-busting and colour-blocking! Leila used leftovers from her Noice Jeans to make this great jacket.


I've paired my Shoalhaven Shacket, Tarawi Shirt and Glebe Pants for a relaxed, cool-weather outfit.

 The Shoalhaven is the perfect winter outer for me in temperate NZ, and keeps me warm even when I'm wearing linen pants and exposing my ankles to the weather! I used double-faced wool, but check out our blog post of Shoalhaven fabric recommendations.


Leila wears her Mallee Jacket with a Torrens Box Top and Willandra Pants.

The Mallee was our first outerwear pattern, and was designed to highlight the lovely qualities of boiled wool! We've got a roundup of places to shop boiled wool for folks who are having a hard time sourcing this unique fabric



I'm wearing a Belmore Jacket, a Tarlee T-Shirt and Glebe Pants.

I skipped hemming the bottom edge on this boiled wool Belmore Jacket. This jacket has got so much wear since I sewed it up this winter because it pairs perfectly with so much of my wardrobe!

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