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Breve Hip Bag PDF

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The Breve Hip Bag [pronounced like [pronounced like brevity] is a leather bag proportioned for larger bodies. You can wear it as a hip bag or across the chest. The gusset allows you to carry more than just the essentials!

This project was designed for home sewists to dabble in leatherwork with the minimum possible tool purchases. Where possible, we have used tools you probably already have in your garment or quilt sewing kit. This may be different to the specialty tools recommended and used by professional leather-workers or serious hobbyists.

Leather is a nautral product and comes in extremely varied shapes. Although this project only requires a few square feet, please purchase more than you think so your pattern pieces will fit.

Available at leathergoods stores

• approx 3 sq. feet vegetable tanned leather (3-4oz)
• 3/4” wide vegetable tanned leather strap (to fit belt length) OR more leather as above to cut own
• 1” brass buckle
• 2 harness needles, size 00
• Waxed nylon thread
• 1 large leather button
• 5mm hole punch
• 4mm stitching chisel/s (2 prong essential, additional 4 prong optional)
• Leather skiver (optional)
• Rotary belt hole punch (optional)
• 1 medium brass Chicago screw or rivet (optional)


Supplies you already have:

• Rotary cutter (optional)
• Craft knife/Stanley knife/scalpel
• Cutting mat
• Small wood or plastic chopping board
• Sewing awl or sharp darning needle
• Quilting ruler
• Lighter
• Hammer or mallet
• Scrap of canvas or other coarse, undyed fabric
• Rubber cement or other flexible adhesive (optional and only required if joining belt)

This pattern was NOT designed by a professional leatherworker. It was designed by a garment patternmaker for home sewists

Breve Bag inspo:

Check out the hashtag, #BreveBag

You are purchasing a multi-sizes digital sewing pattern for home use only (not commercial use). This digital pattern comes with PDF files for A4 and Letter sized paper, a large format A0 PDF file and an illustrated set of instructions illustrated pattern instructions to take you step-by step-through the process of making the pattern.

These files need to be opened and saved on desktop or laptop computers — you won't be able to open them on your smart phone.

Muna and Broad make plus-size sewing patterns for Sizes 12+. If our size chart is too small to include you, we will grade our patterns to your size at no additional cost.