2023 in review

2023 in review

2023 saw Muna and Broad's 4th Birthday! That's 4 years of releasing patterns for fat makers, with projects that are suitable for folks from beginner to advanced.

 We're really pleased with our pattern releases for 2023- it's really lovely to be able to continue to release patterns that are really unique in plus-size pattern offerings. We particularly love when we're able to dial in the fit for large bodies so that making your own will result in such a great fit straight from the packet.

What did we do in 2023?

In 2023 we released 5 new plus-size sewing patterns:

 We also released 12 Insider & Maker Patreon pattern bonuses!

Lobethal Shirt- the biggest shirt

Our first release of 2023 was our dramatically big shirt, the Lobethal Shirt.

Over on our YouTube channel, there's free sew-along videos to step you through making your very own Lobethal - the perfect first shirt project!

We liked the Lobethal when we released it, we wouldn't have predicted that this would become a favourite piece in both of our wardrobes. It's the shirt we reach for when we want to feel cool, stylish and a little bit fancy.

Alistra Dress- the bodycon-ish dress

Our Alistra Dress was our next release in 2023. We'd toyed with the idea of a bodycon dress that curves and hugs and skims all at the same time, and after seeing the great results of our Whitlam Skirt, we knew that a shaped centre-back seam was the secret to a great fit!

We also released this curved colourblock add-on, below, as a Patreon Insider & Maker pattern bonus.

Pyrmont Skirt- a low print pattern

July saw the release of our 2nd skirt pattern, the Pyrmont Skirt. We ensured that the pattern was low-print by providing a shortened front and back pattern pieces and instructions on how far to lengthen them for cutting.

This easy-wearing pattern has our classic generous pockets and is a lovely addition to our wardrobes.

 The perfect leggings? Loxton Leggings

Folks have been asking us for leggings for years and in 2023 we finally released our Loxton Leggings pattern.

We realised that we did have really strong feelings about what would make for great fitting leggings on large bodies, and the Loxton is the culmination of that. These are designed so that they won't fall down on you, have pockets big enough for your phone, and the crotch will sit snugly and help avoid chafing.

We really do think that the fit features we've included are the best choices- read more about the design intent here.

 Soft knit Fifey PJs

The Fifey PJs were our final release of 2023, the knit fabric sleepwear/loungewear offering alongside our woven Spinifex PJs and popular Medlow Robe.

Designed to be ultra-soft, and ultra-comfie, the Fifey goes above and beyond for comfort. A soft knit waistband, low-profile pockets which won't flap around, and soft ribbing on the neck and cuffs all keep you comfortable.

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