Loxton Leggings are here!

Loxton Leggings are here!

Our Loxton Leggings are finally here, after many years of you asking for a legging pattern! We can admit when we're wrong though, and we're kicking ourselves for not making these most comfortable leggings before now!

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About the Loxton Leggings

The Loxton Leggings are fast-to-sew and easy-to-wear and come with full-length and bike shorts-length views.

We will ALWAYS give you pockets when it's possible, so the Loxton feature a side panel with generously-sized phone pocket: there's room for my large phone and my fat hands at the same time.

We've all experienced yoga bands on leggings that are forever falling down and you're constantly tugging your leggings up! We didn't want that, so the top of the Loxton uses elastic to ensure they stay up.

You can sew this whole project on a regular domestic sewing machine and get great results, so there's no serger required! You can sew much of the project on a serger/overlocker if you have one!

Design intent for the Loxton Leggings

We thought A LOT about what people expect from leggings, and also about how we could get the best results for home sewists. With that in mind, we've made some conscious design decisions in our leggings. For example, we have skipped the yoga band (we just don't think it works for large bodies), and there's no crotch gusset.

We chat more about both of these decisions in depth on Patreon, but one reason crotch gussets are often included in commercial leggings to make the cutting layouts more economical on a commercial scale.

Since there's no fabric-saving benefit when you're cutting out your 1 (or even 2 or 3) pair of leggings, at home for yourself, it's possible to go with the best option: no gusset.

Additionally, ready-to-wear leggings are constructed with flatlock machines, which skip the seam allowances as you butt the fabric edges against each other and then they are joined flat, in a single layer, with stitching over the two (kind of like how you sew your elastic into a loop for a waistband).

Since we'll be using a zig-zag stitch or overlocker/serger, and not a flatlock machine, a crotch gusset would create a lot of extra bulk and extra seams in that high-friction area. That might be fine if your thighs don't touch, but the chances or discomfort/chafing would be increased with a crotch gusset and thighs that like to rub.

Finding fabric for leggings? Check out our blog post all about it!

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