Up close with the Huon

Up close with the Huon

 Today we're getting up-close and personal to show you some of the details on our Huon Shirt & Dress!


Check out our Huon!

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 Our January Patreon Pattern Bonus is a ruffle collar and cuff expansion for the Huon. Check it out here.

The Huon Collar

The collar on the Huon is buttoned closed with with a rouleau loop. Although the rouleau isn't tricky to make, it does make for a lovely feature which we think makes your Huon look extra lovely.

Above is a close-up of the neckline of Leila's blue Huon Dress in Sister Mintaka

Below, we love the bright pink button that @sewcial.scientist has used on her collar.

Of course, you don't have to wear your Huon buttoned-up to the top, although it does look great like that. If you're more of an open neckline, perhaps Leila's styling below will be your jam? Unbuttoning a few of the buttons gives a much more relaxed vibe.



That gathered back

You might not have added a lace insert to your back yoke like @theladywholunches has done on her Huon Shirt, but you'll still end up with these gorgeous and generous gathers.

If you want to keep your gathers looking the loveliest they can look, follow Leila's advice on this Huon sew-along video on Youtube and iron up into the gathers using the point of your iron, but don't use directly on the gather as this will crush them. If you crush your gathers, you'll end up with pleats instead of gathers!


Stress-free buttonholes?

The buttonholes in the Huon's hidden placket are sewn separately for a no-stress experience! Even if your buttonholes are a little ugly, they won't be seen on the finished garment. And, if things go terribly wrong, you can always discard that small button-hole placket and make a new one.

This means which means there's no stress about ruining an otherwise finished garment with a temperamental buttonhole!


Those long-sleeve cuffs

The cuffs on the long-sleeve pattern piece for the Huon are also finished with a rouleau loop.  The width of the cuff mimics the delicate nature of the Huon collar, and we love the way the sleeve looks gathered into that delicate cuff.

Since the 3 buttons that are closed with a rouleau are the only visible buttons on the Huon (1 at the collar and 2 at the cuff on the long-sleeve), they're the perfect place to use statement buttons like the one above from @nina.in.specs or the black and white ones below from @theladywholunches.


Want more options?

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You can get 15% off any pattern any time you want by signing up as a Maker or Insider on Patreon.

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