Solid Huon Inspiration

Solid Huon Inspiration

Here we're sharing some of the solid-colour Huon Shirts & Dresses from the community. Check out our previous blog posts about our Huon Shirt & Dress here.

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 Our January Patreon Pattern Bonus was a ruffle collar and cuff expansion for the Huon. Check it out here.


Solid-colour Huon Dresses

We love this silk noil Huon from @rare.device, the colour is an absolute delight and we love the matte texture of silk noil. One thing to note is that silk noil is usually quite narrow so you might need to buy extra fabric, depending on your size and your pattern tetris skills.


I used Zesty Lime Viscose Linen Slub from Sister Mintaka for my Huon Dress. It sold out shortly after I received mine, but there are other slub fabrics available which would probably be great. This Huon Dress is my go to 'going out and want to look put-together' dress, possibly because of the bright colour!





Natalie of @definatalie tested our Huon Dress and make this beautiful soft pink Huon Dress. We love how the back looks in this slightly sheer fabric and has got us thinking about layering a Nullarbor Dress under a sheer or semi-sheer Huon Dress!


Leila's Huon Dress and matching self-fabric belt is made in this Vicose Linen slub from Sister Mintaka.


Solid-colour Huon Shirt

@sierraburrell is bringing peak soft-romance to the Huon Shirt with this drapey dusky pink number! It's paired here with plum-coloured Willandra Pants.

@theladywholunches added a lace insert to the back yoke on her Huon Shirt, and the results are so lovely. Jenna is wearing a full M&B outfit here by pairing the Huon Shirt with her Sculthorpe Pants!


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You can get 15% off any pattern any time you want by signing up as a Maker or Insider on Patreon.

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