Belt your Huon Dress

Belt your Huon Dress

The Huon Shirt and Dress is our latest pattern release, and we love the drama of the oversized fit and all the gathers! We included instructions for making a self-fabric belt for the dress, and we love the look of the dress both with the belt and without!

We were thrilled to partner with Sister Mintaka for this release- both Leila and I made up our samples in her gorgeous fabrics, which were perfect for this pattern!

I didn't make the self-fabric belt for my Huon Dress, because I figured that I would be much more likely to wear it unbelted (and any self-fabric belts I have end up falling into the bottom of my wardrobe, never to be seen again). I did try experimenting with using the strap of my Breve Bag as a belt, and I quite liked the results!

If you're a Maker or Insider on our Patreon, you'll have a 15% off discount code to use whenever the mood strikes!

There's lots of different ways to wear and style our Huon Shirt and Dress- keep an eye out in the coming days for more blog posts!

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