Stay warm with our outerwear patterns!

Stay warm with our outerwear patterns!

1/5 of our current pattern collection is outerwear, and this week we're going to spend some time showcasing the different patterns!


Stay warm with us


Our Belmore Jacket

Choosing different fabrics will take your Belmore Jacket from Summer to Winter, making a jacket that you can use throughout the year! This versatile jacket is unlined, has generous pockets and is perfect for scrap-busting or colour-blocking!

Above you can see Leila in her heavyweight denim Belmore and I'm wearing a linen Belmore below!

The Belmore is a great beginner sewing pattern, and we've been seeing lots of great versions pop up online! Check out the hashtag #BelmoreJacket, and do check out the colour-blocked versions!

Want to line your Belmore Jacket?

Our April Pattern Bonus for Makers and Insiders on Patreon are lining pieces and instructions for our Belmore!


Our boiled wool Mallee Jacket

 Our first outer pattern, the Mallee Jacket is designed with boiled wool in mind.

This boxy, oversized jacket features a visible raw edge, which is given additional structure through self-fabric facings.  We love how the simple shapes highlight the great texture of boiled wool, but the Mallee can also be made with any non-fraying fabric, like a non-fraying bouclé or coating.

Check out the hashtag #MalleeJacket on instagram for some great versions, like the one above from @SierraBurrell!

 Want more help with your Mallee Jacket?

Watch out handy sew-along videos which step you through trickier parts of assembling your Mallee Jacket.

 Checkout our blog post with places you can find boiled wool!

Our quilted Grainger Coat

 Our Grainger Coat was designed with quilting in mind! Available in two lengths, you can make it by quilting your own fabric, or by purchasing pre-quilted fabrics!

Check out the hashtag #GraingerCoat on Instragram, and don't miss our Grainger Coat blog posts, which includes tips on places to find pre-quilted fabric!

Above, Leila wears a self-quilted Grainger, and below I'm wearing a slightly modified Grainger made with pre-quilted fabric!

 Want to expand the possibilities of your Grainger Coat?

Our February Pattern Bonus for Makers and Insiders on Patreon is a bonus pocket and instructions for our Grainger!


Our Shoalhaven Shacket

 The Shoalhaven Shacket combines the best parts of shirts and of jackets! The Shoalhaven is the pattern that Leila is most proud of, and we both love our shackets!

Check out the hashtag #ShoalhavenShacket on Instragram, and get a look at the gorgeous internal finishes which make the Shoalhaven such a special project (like this one here).

Find some tips to finding the perfect fabric for your Shoalhaven on our blog. We also have free sew-along videos for our Shoalhaven on YouTube!



Want more off?

Become a Muna and Broad Maker or Insider on Patreon and you'll get 15% off any pattern at any time (and access to all of our previous pattern bonuses)!

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