Our cozy Shoalhaven Shacket

Our cozy Shoalhaven Shacket

Our Shoalhaven Shacket is a cross between a shirt and a jacket, and this cozy outer layer can be a perfect addition to your wardrobe!

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What is a shacket?

A shacket is an outer layer that's a shirt-style jacket.

Since you can't just make a shirt pattern from wool coating, the Shoalhaven Shacket gives you something close to a cozy coat, but with the features of a shirt.

Need to see some examples of Shackets? Check out our Shoalhaven Shacket Pinterest Board here for some ideas on fabric choice and styling a shacket!

The Shoalhaven Shacket is a low-thigh length Shacket which comes with chest pockets (with flaps), a button band, and a deeply curved hem which is finished with a facing. Designed for peak coziness, your fabric choice will impact what kind of temperatures your Shoalhaven will suit!

Leila showed some of the Shoalhaven Shacket details as sneak peeks over on Instagram (check out her gorgeously tidy finishing)!


Fabric for your Shacket

Specifically designed for thicker fabrics, make your Shoalhaven Shacket from cozy wool coating, boiled wool, washed denim, or even corduroy. Perfect for snuggling by an outdoor fire or walks in the woods! For your lining, you want a medium-weight woven fabric which is easy to work with, we think cotton lawn is an excellent choice.

A buffalo plaid wool coating would be a great choice for your Shacket, but if you've got a standard-weight flannel then the Waikerie Shirt or Waikerie Dress would be a great use for that fabric.


Boiled wool would be a great choice for your Shoalhaven Shacket- check out our roundup of places to shop boiled wool here.


If you're planning to make the Shoalhaven Shacket with a fabric with a pattern which you'd like to match, then you may require more fabric than the fabric requirements suggest.

 Shacket inspiration!

Want some inspiration for your Shoalhaven Shacket?

Check out our Pinterest Board, or take a look through the hashtag #ShoalhavenShacket!

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This is my favorite of all your patterns, but i still haven’t purchased it (face palm). I missed this wintery season in the northern hemisphere, but will definitely be making this come, day, August :) I have the perfect light weight wool coating for it. So excited !


Hi Jenny, There are no side-pockets, but you could easily add them in if you wanted to!

Hi Aimée, a medium-weight woven interfacing would be ideal. If you’re after a specific type, our favourite is weft insert interfacing like armorweft.

Jess from Muna and Broad

Does it have side pockets as well?


I’ve got a midweight wool blend coating that I’d love to use for this. What sort of interfacing should I be looking for? I’m imagining mid-weight? Should it be woven or non-woven?

Excited for this pattern!!

Aimée Grimes

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