Styling our pants!

Styling our pants!

We love pants! And we love pants that fit! So far we've released 22 patterns, and 5 of them are pants! Since all of our patterns are designed to be worn together,


Want to know the difference between our elastic-waist pants? Check out our blog-post all about it!


Our Noice Jeans

Designed with denim heavier than 10oz in mind, our Noice Jeans are the perfect non-stretch jeans with an ultra-high rise.

View A is our take on the Mum/Mom jean silhouette. The fit is roomy through the hip and thigh, and gently tapers to the ankle (below) and View B is a wide leg style with a deep hem (pictured above).

The high-rise works perfectly with our cropped Waikerie Shirt (below), and is the exact height to rock a French-tuck on a Torrens Box Top (above)! Check out the Noice tucked in Tarleee T-Shirt, worn with a Nullarbor Cami, and with a Huon Shirt.

Check out all our Noice Jeans posts over on the blog.

Glebe Pants

The Glebe Pants are technically 'straight leg' pants which hang straight down from the waistband. Because we're wide, the effect is of 'wide-leg pants', and this affords lots of great styling opportunities! We both wear our Glebe Pants A LOT, and we pair all of our tops and outer layers with our Glebe Pants.

Above, I'm wearing a Tarlee T-Shirt with corduroy Glebe Pants (View B), and below Leila has paired a Waikerie Dress with her Glebe Pants.

See the Glebe as part of Leila's architectural capsule wardrobe here, paired with Torrens Box Tops, with slow fashion cool-weather witch vibes, and in the brightest pink (and these).

Birchgrove Pants

Our most-tapered pants and a great first-time sewing project, we knew we needed to add the silhouette of the Birchgrove Pants into our pattern selection!

Great for stopping a chilly breeze coming up your leg in winter, or for relaxed city cycling in the summer, the Birchgrove can be dressed up and down depending on what you pair it with!

Above, I'm wearing a Waikerie Dress with my linen Birchgrove Pants. Below, Leila has tucked her Huon Shirt in, but a half-tuck or French-tuck would also look great! Layer longer pieces (like a Waikerie Dress) over the Birchgrove, wear it with a boxy top, or hack it into a great jumpsuit!

Sculthorpe Pants

The side-pocket Sculthorpe Pants can have a great industrial-looking vibe, be perfect for the office, or a relaxed weekend look, depending on fabric choice!

 Above, Leila is wearing a Waikerie Dress as a duster over Sculthorpe Pants and a Nullarbor Cami, and below, I'm wearing canvas Sculthorpe Pants with a Nullarbor Cami and a Waikerie Dress duster.

 The Sculthorpe is great for cooler weather and pairing with our outerlayers, makes a great faux-jumpsuit with a matching Torrens, stuns with a bold-print Waikerie, looks fancy in wool and cosy in corduroy, and looks romantic with a Huon Shirt.

 Willandra Pants

Our Willandra Pants are flat-front, diagonal side seam pants which were designed for drapey fabrics like tencel, rayon, cupro, etc.

Check out our Willandra-related blog posts (lots of great ourfits from makers in our community)! We love these pants because they're a little bit fancy, but not so fancy that you can't wear them everyday.

Below, I'm wearing mine with a rayon Torrens Box Top (slinky with slinky), and above, Katie has paired hers with a Huon Shirt. Wear them under a wool jacket, with a contrasting Nullarbor Cami,  or as a faux-jumpsuit with a matching Nullarbor Cami. They work great with boots (like above) or with your 'fancy shoes' for a dinner out.

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