Comparing our pants!

Comparing our pants!

After the launch of our new Birchgrove Pants, we got lots of questions about how all our elastic-waist pants compare.

Below, we've put together some side-by-side pictures comparing each of our 4 elastic-waist pants:


 Above left-to-right, I'm wearing Birchgrove, Willandra, Sculthorpe and Glebe Pants.


How does the rise compare?

Our Willandra Pants and our Sculthorpe Pants are both high-waisted pants, and are designed to sit a couple of inches above your belly-button. The rise of the Birchgrove Pants is similar to our Willandra and Sculthorpe Pants, but there's additional room in the Birchgrove through the undercarriage (extra bum and tum room).

Our Glebe Pants have an extra-long crotch curve which makes them our extra-high-waisted pants, and it is very unlikely that you would need to make these any higher. In fact, all the extra rise in the Glebe makes them super comfie, but Leila rates the Birchgrove as a close 2nd for comfort!


Above left-to-right, Leila wears Birchgrove, Willandra, Sculthorpe and Glebe Pants.

About the Birchgrove Pants

Our Birchgrove Pants are our most tapered pants yet, and they also have the closest fit of our elastic-waist pants. If you've sized down on our previous pants patterns to change the intended fit, we do not recommend doing that with the Birchgrove.

When you have a large hip measurement, it's important to get the shape of the taper right while maintaining pleasing proportions. Remember when choosing your size, that your finished waist measurement needs to be at least 1" larger than your hip measurement- generally this means it is not necessary or advisable to grade between sizes at your waist and hip.

Above left-to-right, Leila wears Sculthorpe, Birchgrove and Willandra Pants

How are the leg shapes different?

Our Sculthorpe Pants are also tapered, but have a wider fit through the thigh and calf than the Birchgrove Pants.

Our Willandra Pants are designed for fabrics with great drape- think tencel, rayon, crepe, etc. Because of the drape, and the diagonal side-seam, the Willandra look quite tapered from the front, but you can see from the side and back views that they're a lot less tapered than the Birchgrove Pants.


Above left-to-right, I'm wearing Birchgrove, Willandra, Sculthorpe and Glebe Pants

What are your fabric choices?

While our will Sculthorpe Pants work well in heavier fabrics like corduroy, cotton canvas and even denim, the Birchgrove Pants will work best in medium-weight fabrics (linen, cotton, or even light-weight denims).

Our Willandra Pants specifically call for drapey fabrics like, but you can also make your Birchgrove Pants from tencel, viscose, and rayon.

We've seen great Glebe Pants in all kinds of fabrics, from denim and corduroy to rayon- keep in mind the shape of the pattern and how your particular fabric will drape (or not drape). You can also checkout the hashtags, #GlebePants #SculthorpePants and #WillandraPants to see what others have made.


 Our Birchgrove Pants below are, Leila in mulberry tencel/viscose from Blackbird Fabrics and me in heavy-weight marsala linen from The Fabric Store.



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I love my Glebe pants and have made 5 pair. Four in linen & one in a plaid rayon twill. I grew out of my initial size after gaining significant weight and the change of sizing system had me confused for a minute. I resized every pair. Once I reassessed my sizing I tried the Willandra pants which truth be told – I bought by accident while intending to purchase the Sculthorpe pattern. LOL I am honestly such a mess about trying new patterns. The Willandras (such clever patternmaking) were made in a rayon challis as part of a lounge set once Covid hit and worked for me with no adjustments also! I have the Noice jeans pattern, and went back to purchase the Sculthorpe, I have yet to make them, but look forward to it. I have a lot of elastic pants right now and am interested this year on cementing a trouser and jeans fit and with non stretch denim. I just started the Shoalhaven Shacket. You guys rock!


Debzmadethis. I love the Birchgrove, tapered and room for my tum. Love that we can cut out your pattern and make the garment up without faffing about. AND it fits beautifully.

Deborah Corbett

Debzmadethis. I love the Birchgrove, tapered and room for my tum. Love that we can cut out your pattern and make the garment up without faffing about. AND it fits beautifully.

Deborah Corbett

Thanks so much for these comparisons! Very helpful! Much appreciated!


Do you have any seated pictures please and how do feel when sitting. Thanks


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