Leila's Architectural Capsule

Leila's Architectural Capsule

Do you ever make garments and then have nothing to wear with them? All of our patterns are designed to work together, so that you always know that if you make one of our patterns, we'll have something you can wear it with!

Leila's Architectural Capsule

Leila has put together a little capsule wardrobe using our Nullarbor Cami, Torrens Box Top, Waikerie Shirt, Glebe Pants, Willandra Pants and an unreleased over-sized shirt.



All of the tops and shirts can be paired with each of the pants and the style of the patterns means that they all 'go together well', and help make for a coherent and purposeful look.

This is certainly helped along here by Leila's consistent colour theme, black clothes always pair well with other black clothes, and the red in the Nullarbor Cami (and Leila's lipstick) provide a pop of colour that still matches in well with the other high-contrast pieces.

The consistent colour scheme and the architectural shapes of the garment helps elevate thus combo to something that looks 'polished' enough that they could all easily be worn to work, even though they're all natural fibres (which can sometimes read as 'relaxed').

Below, you can see each of the 4 tops paired with the 2 pairs of pants.


In addition to being worn as shirts, both the unreleased shirt and the Waikerie Shirt can be worn as outer layers, in this case over the red Nullarbor Cami and the black Torrens Box Top. We've shown you only 4 combos below, but actually each of those can be paired with either of the pants, which means that the 6 pieces can easily make 16 combinations!

A Waikerie Shirt (View B or C) or even a Waikerie Dress would make a great replacement for the unreleased shirt. If you're wearing a longer dress over pants, I find that leaving the buttons below the waistband undone makes it look more like a long shirt (and makes it easier to access my pants pockets too)!

Although, you might not think of layering the Torrens Box Top under other layers, Leila makes it look very cool below with the two shirts working as outer-layers.


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It would have been really fun to see the combinations of one of the pants were in camel.


What an inspiration! Thank you


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