Outfits with outerwear

Outfits with outerwear

Since our patterns are designed to be paired together, here's a roundup of outfits that are M&B trios!

Shoalhaven Shacket

 Our Shoalhaven Shacket is a cross between a shirt and a jacket, and this cozy outer layer can be a perfect addition to your wardrobe! The dropped-shoulder makes it perfect for layering over our dropped-shoulder patterns like the Torrens & Waikerie.


Below, Courtney wears a Shoalhaven, Tarawi Shirt, Tarlee T-shirt and Birchgrove Pants. Above, I'm wearing a Shoalhaven with a Waikerie Shirt and Birchgrove Pants.




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We've got lots of great blog posts about our outerwear patterns, click the links below to see blogs about each of the outerwear patterns

Grainger Coat

 Leila self-quilted her own fabric to make her Grainger Coat (you can check out our blog posts about the Grainger for more info on pre-quilted or self-quilting). and the results, above, speak for themselves.

Above, Leila wears her Grainger with black linen Torrens Box Top and Glebe Pants. Below, I'm wearing my Grainger (which is made from pre-quilted denim fabric) with a Huon Shirt and linen Glebe Pants.

Belmore Jacket

Because of the design lines of the Belmore, it's perfect for scrap-busting and colour-blocking! The design-lines on the front of the jacket form the opening for the pockets!

Check out our blog posts about the Belmore Jacket if you want to see some inspirational community makes.

Below, Lemonseltzer wears a Belmore and Glebe Pants. Above, I'm wearing a boiled wool Belmore, Waikerie Shirt and corduroy Glebe Pants.



Want more from your Belmore Jacket?

Our April '21 Pattern Bonus for Makers and Insiders on Patreon was lining pieces and instructions for our Belmore and the March '22 bonus is a huge pocket for the front of the Belmore (see it in action here). Joining us as an Insider or Maker on Patreon gets you access to all of the previous pattern bonuses!


Cobden Chore Jacket

 Our latest outerwear pattern, the Cobden Chore Jacket has many of the great 'coat' features that the Shoalhaven Shacket includes and adds lots of great pockets to the mix!

Above, I'm wearing a Cobden with a Huon Shirt and corduroy Glebe Pants. Below I'm wearing a Cobden with a Hyde T-Shirt and the same corduroy Glebe Pants.




Mallee Jacket

The Mallee Jacket was our first outerwear pattern, and was designed to highlight the lovely qualities of boiled wool! We've got a roundup of places to shop boiled wool for folks who are having a hard time sourcing this unique fabric.

Above, I'm wearing a Mallee with Tarlee T-shirt (with the Patreon funnelneck bonus) and Glebe Pants.


 We both made our Mallee Jackets in dark colours, but the Mallee looks excellent in a bold shade! Check out our list of places to shop boiled wool if you're not sure where to source this wonder-fabric!

Above, Leila wears a Mallee, Torrens Box Top and Willandra Pants. Below, Anette wears her Mallee with Tarlee T-shirt and Birchgrove Pants


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See a blog post full of combos from me and Leila

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