Fancy Kapunda Undies

Fancy Kapunda Undies

Our new, high-waisted Kapunda Undies, and especially View B with the side-panels, provides lots of scope to plan with fabrics and to dress the undies up are down. Today we're going to be sharing some ideas for fancy fabrics which could be great additions to both our Kapunda Undies and Waratah Undies!


Want to know about fabrics for the Kapunda Undies?

Read our blog post on choosing fabric, our blog about which stretch mesh is suitable for undies, or our blog with fancy elastic options.


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Flocked Mesh Fabric

Flocked stretch mesh fabric would be a gorgeous choice for a statement side-panel on your Kapunda Undies (or you could even make the whole undies from flocked mesh like these)! The flocked designs often have a soft feel like a velveteen and many of the options below are 4-way stretch.

Spandex House in the USA has a wide variety of dance fabrics including this black flocked hearts on red mesh, this ornate novelty flocked mesh, and this ombre printed mesh (not flocked).

Shine Trimmings Fabrics in Aus has a tidy selection of flocked stretch mesh fabric which would make great side panels. I particularly like this flocked geometric emerald fabric, and this flocked polka dot mesh.

Blue Moon Fabrics in the USA has a geometric flocked 4-way stretch mesh, they also have an ombre 4-way stretch mesh (not flocked), and a striped 4-way stretch mesh.

Raspberry Creek Fabrics in the USA has a small red polka dot stretch mesh (not flocked), and the same fabric in a baby blue.

Solid Stone Fabrics in the USA has a selection of 4-way stretch mesh fabric including this flocked abstract wave fabric, this flocked polka dot mesh, this striped stretch mesh (not flocked) and this white stretch mesh with iridescent sequins (not flocked).

Also in the USA, The Bra Makery stocks 3 flocked streth mesh fabrics and some decorative 4-way stretch mesh fabrics (not flocked)

Etsy is always a great place to search if you're looking for a particular fabric. I especially loved this heart flocked fabric (or this one), this 1cm polka dot flocked mesh, this black flocked polka dots mesh, this Halloween inspired bat printed stretch mesh (not flocked).

Stretch Lace Fabric

If you're looking for lace fabric to pair with your Kapunda Undies, it's good to keep in mind that you'll need to be looking for at least 2-way stretch fabric, but ultimately 4-way stretch would be best! You could use the mesh as side panels or the main fabric, either alone or with another fabric behind it.

Shine Trimmings & Fabrics in Australia has a number of 4-way stretch lace fabrics available including this abstract lace fabric (which I have ordered), this not so floral lace, and this quite floral lace in a plethora of different shades.

Solid Stone Fabrics in the USA has a variety of fabrics which would make great Kapunda Undies, but I especially liked this lace fabric.

Boho Fabrics in the USA has this pink 4-way stretch lace, this spotted purple lace, and a variety of colours of this lace.



Stretch Velvet Fabric

The high-waisted Kapunda Undies remind me of vintage underwear, especially with the side panels. Stretch velvet (although generally entirely polyester), could be a great choice for some special Kapunda Undies. You could pair a velvet front and back with a sheer mesh side panel (like these undies) or make the entire undies from velvet (like this)! As always, 4-way stretch will give you the most comfortable undies, but if you love a 2-way stretch velvet, consider making the side panels 4-way stretch as a compromise!

My Fabrics in the UK has a selection of stretch velvets, and you can narrow down the search paramaters to 2-way and 4-way stretch.

Chrisanne-Clover in the UK also has stretch velvets which state whether they're 2-way or 4-way stretch.

Solid Stone Fabrics in the USA has a selection of 4-way stretch velvets, including this dusky pink burnout velvet, and this racy cheetah print velvet.

Shine Trimmings & Fabrics in Australia has a tidy selection of all kinds of 4-way stretch fabric, but in terms of 4-way stretch velvets, I love this celestial cloud velvet, and this plain burgundy velvet.

Cali Fabrics in the USA has a lot of interesting fabrics, including a variety of 4-way stretch fabrics.

House of Adorn in Australia stocks a variety of dance fabrics, including stretch velvets.

As always, a search on Etsy for '4 way stretch velvet' turns up plenty of colours and stores to choose from!


Want some ideas for your Kapunda Undies? Check out our pinterest board!

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