Mesh fabric for your undies

Mesh fabric for your undies

Our Kapunda Undies are here! Read our previous blog post on choosing fabric for your Kapundies here, and keep reading below for more info about what kind of mesh fabric will work with your undies.


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The mesh we've used in our Kapunda Undies and Waratah Undies is not powermesh (which is used in our Banksia Bralette), but is a much less firm fabric which is called 'stretch mesh' or 'dance mesh', I've also seen it referred to as 'stretch net' in the UK.


What is Stretch Mesh?

Stretch mesh is a semi-sheer knit with great recovery- we'd recommend making sure that the fabric has both stretch and recovery (either by testing yourself or checking out the description of the fabric in the online shop) because you can also find mesh which isn't at all stretchy, and it wouldn't be appropriate for using in undies.


Where to use mesh

You could make the side-panel on your Kapunda Undies mesh, you could also make your entire Kapunda or Waratah undies from mesh! We wouldn't necessarily recommend making the gusset from mesh as it's not an absorbent or wicking fabric, but the natural properties of merino make it a great choice for gussets!



Where to buy Stretch Mesh

Nellie Joans (NZ but ships worldwide) stocks both 118gsm stretch mesh and lighter weight 76gsm stretch mesh. Worth a mention is, which sells stretch mesh in 'nude' shades for all skin tones. But you can also check Water Tower Textiles (Canada), Remnant Warehouse (Aus), Mood Fabrics (USA), Emerald Erin (Canada), Booby Traps (Aus), Tailor Made Shop (USA), Bra Makers Supplies (Canada), Chrisanne Clover (UK), and DSI-London (UK) for options that might be closer to home.

Another great place to shop stretch mesh (4-way stretch fabrics and powermesh too!) are your local dance-fabric shops! Searching 'Dance Fabric *insert your town or city*' had great results for me. Check out Glitter and Dance (Aus) and Dance Fabrics (NZ) if those are local to you.


Happy Sewing!

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