Shopping Elastic for the Kapunda Undies!

Shopping Elastic for the Kapunda Undies!

 You might have spotted a few fun elastic options on the pictures of our Kapunda Undies! We didn't want to leave you high-and-dry, so we've rounded up a few places that you can check out for some unusual elastics which will be a great fit with your Kapunda Undies.


Want to know about fabrics for the Kapunda Undies?

Read our blog post on choosing fabric or our blog about which stretch mesh is suitable for undies!


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Ruffle Picot Elastic

You might have spotted the ruffle elastic Kapunda Undies over on the product page! That elastic was purchased in a local brick-and-mortar store, but we've found quite a few decorative options online!

Pitt Trading in Australia has a selection of other decorative picot elastics.

Porcelynne in the USA also has ruffled picot elastic (and a fold-over elastic).

Also in Australia, RubyJam stocks organza-esque ruffle picot elastic.

Bias Bespoke in NY has a wide range of elastic in a variety of shades and styles (including Italian made and French made ruffle picot and big elastic loop picot).

Sewing Chest in the UK has a tidy selection of ruffle elastics (and lots of other lingerie supplies and fabrics)

As always, Etsy is a great place to find elastics, and we especially liked this black organza ruffle picot.



Lace Elastic and Decorative Picot Elastic

While hunting for ruffle edged picot to recommend to you, we also found quite a few other ornate elastics, which would be great choices for our Kapunda Undies.

Stitch Love Studio has a wide variety of elastics, including a selection of decorative picot elastics, fold-over elastics and a flat elastics (such as swimwear elastics).

If you're in the market for elastic lace for the edges of your Kapunda undies:

Fabric Depot in Texas has a variety of lace but their website is quite clunky.

Mood Fabrics in the USA also has a variety of elastic lace.

In the UK, My Fabrics has a selection of elastic, including elastic lace trim as does Ribbon Moon.

Shine Trimmings in Aus stocks elastic lace (and other elastics too)!


Bright Fold-Over Elastic

Although lots of places will stock your classic black fold-over elastic (my personal favourite), you can also find FOE in a variety of colours and patterns, which can be a great way to easily 'brighten up' your Kapunda Undies! If you can buy the elastic in bulk on a roll, that makes storage (and elastic application) a breeze!

RubyJam in Australia has pages of brightly coloured (and pastel ombre) FOE

 Jennifer's in the USA stocks a ridiculous variety of FOE which can be purchased in 3 yard increments (including foil printed, Christmas themed, ombre, fruits, sports and more)

Sewing Chest in the UK has FOE in almost every colour under the sun.


Shopping for elastic- locally?

If you're in New Zealand/ Australia

Nellie Jones, NZ Merino and Fabrics, Remnant Warehouse, Booby Traps, Pitt Trading

If you're in North America

Fabric Fairy, Bra and Corset Supplies, HomeSew, Bra and Corset Supplies, Tailormade, Porcelynne

If you're in Europe/UK

B,Wear (Sweden), Costura Secret Shop (Spain), Fit2Sew, Sew Curvy, Sewing Chest, The Bra Shop, Tia Knight Fabric, Vena Cava Design, Frumble


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