Answering your Noice questions

Answering your Noice questions

Leila and I chatted live on Instagram the other day to answer lots of the questions sent in about our Noice Jeans.

The chat is saved and available to watch on Instragram, but we'll also answer some of your questions below!


Our Noice Jeans are 15% off until the 15th of December with the code BABYCHEESES


How high is the rise? Which of your pants is the rise most similar to?

The Noice Jeans have an ultra-high rise which helps makes them comfortable for both standing and sitting! They're most similar to the rise on our Glebe Pants.


I’ve never made jeans! Are they a good 1st jeans pattern?

Yes! We know when we make our patterns that it's possible that this will be the first time a maker has sewn a garment like this! Our instructions have lots of great tips for working with denim, and we've mapped out our instructions so that you fit the jeans as you go. In addition to our fully-illustrated instructions, we've also got sew-along videos on YouTube which step you through the various construction steps.

Are the Noice Jeans comfortable?

Yes! Leila was very pleasantly surprised after making the first version that she didn't even feel the need to unbutton them while driving or sitting for long periods of time.

Why is the zipper so long?

While drafting the Noice Jeans, Leila put a lot of thought into making them look as proportional as possible on larger bodies. You'll notice that the back pockets are larger than others that you might have seen, and that the front pockets are wider across the front of the body to ensure that there's a proportional amount of space between the pockets and the fly.

The zipper is longer to keep the pants in proportion but also because if you're our Size F then you're going to need a longer rise than a RTW Size 6 in the front to accommodate your belly. The longer zip covers this distance, and also opens your jeans up wider making them easier to take on and off.

Got questions about fabric? Check out our blog post which covers everything you need to know about fabric for your Noice Jeans and suggests some places in your area to shop!

How customisable is the fit on the Noice Jeans?

The Noice Jeans have been designed to be easily customisable in size, with large side and centre back seam allowances (3/4” (1.9cm)), allowing you to easily increase up to 3” (7.6cm) at the waist and hip, and up to 1.5” (3.8cm) through the leg.

We've also provided illustrated instructions for fitting and identifying fit issues in our instruction booklet.


Do the Noice Jeans have a straight or shaped waistband?

The Noice Jeans have a shaped/curved waistband which is cut in 4 parts, to
match the lower part of the jeans. This allows you to easily fit the jeans, then adjust the same amount on the waistband without the need to redraft or recut your waistband.

Having the waistband cut in 4 parts makes it easier to alter the jeans even after they are completed, should you change size or decide you want a different fit but also ensures that the front of the waistband is on the grain, making it that much easier to deal with.

Want to know where you can buy hardware or zips for your Noice Jeans? Check out our blog post with places you can shop hardware online.


If my waist is smaller than my hip on your size chart, what do you recommend I do?

Our instruction booklet has a whole page of tips on choosing your size for our Noice Jeans, and we really do recommend you read it before settling on a size.

Another important thing is measuring yourself in a way that will give you the most accurate results. Check out this video from Leila showing how she measures herself (these are the measurements that our size chart provide), as this might affect which size you should make.

Select your base size based on your hip measurement. If your waist is just a little different from the size chart, you can easily alter the single size. If it is more than one size different, we recommend grading between sizes. Remember that because of the large seam-allowances in the jeans, you can easily increase up to 3” (7.6cm) at the waist and hip, and up to 1.5” (3.8cm) through the leg.

What’s the difference between Fit 1 and Fit 2?

The Noice Jeans gives you the option of two different fits for the back of the jeans. The hip and waist measurements for both fits are the same, however the shaping of the transition between the waist and hip is different.

Fit 1 is appropriate for people with a substantial tissue deposit at the sacrum, resulting in a significant angle between the top of the buttocks and the cheeks when viewed from the side.

Fit 2 represents a comparatively smoother transition between the back and the buttocks.

You'll note the dotted line in the illustration above, this indicates where the hip measurement should be taken in order to correspond to our size chart. Not sure how to measure yourself? Check out this video from Leila.

If you are not sure which fit you require, we recommend selecting Fit 1. The Fit 2 Back is smaller and therefore you can cut the Fit 1 Back down to the Fit 2 Back, if required. You would need to cut a new Fit 2 Yoke if you decided to make Fit 2 after cutting out Fit 1.



Got more questions about our Noice Jeans? We'd love to hear them! Leave us a comment here, or flick us an email or get in touch on Instagram!


Our Noice Jeans are 15% off until the 15th of December with the code BABYCHEESES

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