Shopping jeans hardware

Shopping jeans hardware

 Our Noice Jeans are here!


We've already rounded up places that you can shop suitable denim, 10oz+or higher, and today we're rounding up places you can shop hardware for your jeans.

Do check out the zipper lengths for the different sizes of our Noice Jeans before shopping since our zippers are longer than other jeans patterns to keep the pattern in-proportion for larger bodies.


Hardware kits for your jeans

Blackbird Fabrics has jeans kits with a 9" zip, and they also have jeans kits without zips (so buttons/tacks and rivets). See their jeans kits here.
Don't forget to check what size zip you'll need for your Noice Jeans- it depends on your size.

In the USA & Canada

Stonemountain & Daughter
Jeans buttons (tacks) in 5 shades, jeans rivets in 5 shades, 9" jeans zips.

Taylor Tailor
Stocks jeans buttons (tacks), rivets, 9" jeans zips and topstitching thread too.

Wawak USA & Wawak Canada
Both Wawak in the USA and Wawak in Canada stock everything you need to make the Noice Jeans, except the denim and fabric for your pockets!

Blackbird Fabrics has jeans kits with tacks, rivets and with a 9" zip, and they also have jeans kits without zips (so buttons/tacks and rivets). See their jeans kits here.

In Australia and NZ

A variety of jeans buttons (tacks), a variety of rivets, and suitable zips too.

Miss Maude
Stocks jeans rivets, jeans buttons (tacks), but doesn't stock jeans zips that are long enough for our Noice Jeans.


In the UK

Stocks jeans tacks and rivets, and has suitable zips too.

Stocks jeans rivets, and jeans tacks (buttons).

William Gee
Stocks jeans rivets, one option for jeans tacks, and 9" jeans zips.

Fabricate Shop
Stocks Jeans buttons, and rivets


As always, Etsy has quite a few stores selling 9" and 11" jeans zips, a variety of jeans buttons (tacks), and a variety of rivets!

A great Etsy shop with a lovely selection is CitronJeans. Leila purchased some hardware from here and loves it!


Need a 9" or 11" zip?

If you can't find 9" or 11" jeans zips locally, you can contact YKK in your region directly and order jeans zips in specific colours (great if you've managed to find some colourful rigid denim). If you're in the USA or Canada, try Wawak. In the UK, check out Jaycotts. You could also try contacting your local shop to see if they can easily order longer zips on your behalf.


Looking for rivets?

A great place to look for rivets is leather supply stores.

In New Zealand Lapco. In Australia Birdsall, DSHorne, East Coat Leather, Austanners. In Canada Lonsdale Leather, OA Leather Supplies. In USA Tandy Leather, Frogjelly Leather. In the UK Artisan Leathers, Leather4Craft, Majestic Hides.


Have you found hardwear elsewhere online? We'd love to know!

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