Heavyweight Denim Fabric

Heavyweight Denim Fabric

Our Noice Jeans are here, and today we're talking about fabric and places you can shop fabric!


Watch this video to hear Leila chat about choosing fabric for your jeans, or checkout this video where she chats about the hardware requirements for the pattern.

The Noice Jeans

The Noice Jeans are the perfect non-stretch jeans with an ultra-high rise.
View A is the Muna and Broad take on the Mum/Mom jean silhouette. The fit is roomy through the hip and thigh, and gently tapers to the ankle. View B is a wide leg style with a deep hem.

These non-stretch jeans are specifically designed for rigid denim with a fit that maintains comfort, even with the heaviest weight fabric.

Fabrics and Zips

This pattern is designed to be sewn with heavyweight, non-stretch fabric at least 10oz/340gsm. We suggest heavyweight rigid denim, bull denim, heavyweight canvas, or non-stretch corduroy. 12oz fabric would be what we'd recommend first, but 10oz will be suitable.

Fabric Requirements (both views)
Sizes A-F
Main fabric
• 2.3m/2.5yds (150cm/60” wide)
Pocket lining
• 0.5m/0.6yds (150cm/60” wide)

Sizes G-M
Main fabric
• 2.7m/3yds(150cm/60” wide)
Pocket lining
• 0.6m/0.7yds (150cm/60” wide)

1, metal Jeans zipper (YKK #5 or equivalent)
• Sizes A-E: 8” (20cm) - you may need to shorten a zipper
• Sizes F-J: 9” (23cm)
• Sizes K-M: 11” (28cm)
(Wawak (Canada & USA) Blackbird (Canada), Macculough Wallace (UK), Jaycotts (UK) and YKK all stock jeans zips in these lengths).

 Since these are jeans, you'll also need a jeans button, topstitching thread, rivets (optional) and a jeans patch (also optional). Leila found great hardware at CitronJeans on Etsy.

Where to shop 10oz+ fabric

In the USA and Canada

White Oak Cone Denim in the USA is where you can buy Cone Mills Denim directly.

Blackbird Fabrics in Canada has a large selection of heavyweight denim and bull denim

Cloth Story in the USA seems to specialise in bottom-weight fabrics. They have a nice selection of heavy-weight denims, 12oz bull denim

Spool and Spindle in the USA have a selection of denims, including a heavy-weight black denim.

Big Duck Canvas in the USA has a 10 and 12 oz cotton canvas, 12 oz bull denim, and various heavyweight cotton ducks

Mood Designer Fabrics in the USA has a wide variety of denim, but list many weights in GSM, not oz. You'll want to look for fabrics above 300gsm.

Stop Stitch Sew shop in the USA has a limited selection of heavyweight denims but they do have a lovely 11oz natural coloured denim and a 14oz olive Cone Mills denim

Fabric Depot in the USA has a large selection of heavyweight denims.

In Aus, NZ, Oceania

Bastine is the fabric shop associated with Hemp Fortex. They have two heavy-weight hemp and cotton denim fabrics, and heavyweight canvas options.

Mrecht Fabrics in Australia stocks some 12oz denim

Rainbow Fabrics in Australia has one 14oz light grey denim for a super-heavyweight

Potter and Co in Australia has several denims over 340gsm

Miss Maude in New Zealand has a selection of non-stretch denims over 10oz

The Fabric Store in New Zealand has one suitable denim in stock

Maai Design in Australia often stocks a variety of Cone Mills denim.

In the UK and Europe

Croft Mills in the UK has a decent collection of denims of different weights (including an unbleached heavy-weight bull denim)

Fabrics Galore in the UK has a couple of 12oz denim options, including a light denim which would be perfect for Mum jeans!

Yorkshire Fabrics in the UK have a selection of heavy-weight 12oz moleskin fabrics, they also have a Blue and White Candy Stripe Cotton Denim which is 11oz

Stoff & Stil in the EU have a couple of 10oz denims and this 11.5oz denim.

Minerva in the UK have denims and bull denims over 10oz

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Spool and Spindle are in Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. I love their fabrics and attitude!

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