A Leila capsule

A Leila capsule

In our recent blog posts, we rounded up some of our easy-sew patterns which would make great mini capsules. We've imagined both a monochromatic work capsule and also a work capsule which is a bit more colourful.

Today we're continuing our exploration of M&B capsules with this witchy Leila-inspired capsule! This capsule is a little different because this isn't theoretical at all- these garments all exist in Leila's wardrobe!



For this capsule, we've used our Glebe Pants, Atrax Top, Whitlam Skirt, Tarawi Shirt (with Patreon bonus collar and cuffs), our Shoalhaven Shacket and a Waikerie Dress (which works as a dress, a long shirt, or a duster).

Leila loves to wear a lot of black, which can simplify getting dressed, since the colour combo is already sorted for you! From these 6 garments, you could pair each of the tops with each of the bottoms, wear the Waikerie Dress like a long top over the pants like a top, or layer it over each of the tops like a duster. Since it can also be worn alone as a dress, that gives you 11 different outfit possibilities before the Shacket comes into it!

Above you can see some of the possible combos of this 6-piece capsule.

Leila used a great cotton for her Waikerie Dress which is a View C with a collar. She used snaps for the dress instead of buttons, and when worn as a duster or with its matching cotton Glebe Pants, it's effortlessly cool!


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