Undies and Period Undies pattern

Undies and Period Undies pattern

We made a list of all the things we wanted from an undies pattern like 'enough rise in the front (and the back)', 'cheek coverage', a 'wide gusset' and also to avoid a wedgie in the back or a camel-toe in the front. Since no pattern existed to check/tick all those boxes, here we are-  the Muna and Broad Waratah Undies and Period Undies pattern.


The pattern includes 3 views: 'normal undies' with Fold-over Elastic, 'normal undies' with Picot Elastic, and 'period undies'

 Leila has popped some videos up on the Youtube channel to help with the undies!

There's a great sew-along of the normal undies pattern here and there's a sew-along of the period undies here.

Undies Fabric Requirements

You'll need to use fabrics that have 4-way stretch and great recovery for the normal undies and the period undies will require wicking fabric (such as merino), absorbent fabric (such as flannelette) and a barrier fabric (such as PUL)

Pictured below is our period undies- the gusset on this view of the undies is much larger in order to ensure that they're 'leak-proof'!

Here's a video about selecting fabric for your normal undies and there's another video here which covers selecting period undies fabric.


Muna and Broad Period Undies


Want some more information on picot and fold over elastics?

We've also got a video which talks about the different elastics you can sew with over on the Muna and Broad Youtube channel here.


Wondering where to buy picot or FOE elastics from?


If you're in New Zealand

Nellie Jones

NZ Merino and Fabrics

If you're in Australia

Remnant Warehouse

Booby Traps

Sarah Lauren


If you're in North America

Fabric Fairy

Bra and Corset Supplies




Check out our blog post with more places to shop bralette and undies supplies.


How to find supplies for your period undies

For the wicking and waterproof fabric needed for the period undies, I had some success searching for 'nappy making supplies' (since these fabrics aren't necessarily stocked by places selling lingerie trims).

Check out the product page for the undies for more suggestions about specific fabric names to google because if a store is stocking PUL fabric then chances are they're probably stocking most of the other fabrics you'll require for this view too!

Check out Leila chatting about fabric selection for your period undies on YouTube.


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I cannot get over how great me-made undies are to wear. So comfy!
You’ve thought of everything and thank you for that! I have 5 great pairs so far and 2 Frankenstein pairs I used, with pieced scraps, to figure out elastic options and practice the application of elastics. I have a stack of four more to make and it’s just so, sew gratifying! None of the other patterns I’ve seen are sized large enough to fit me. Again, thank you for that! Everyone should have comfy undies.


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