Where to shop bralette supplies

Since we released our Banksia Bralette, we've been getting lots of questions about where to buy the items you'd need locally.

Here are some places you might like to look, but this list isn't extensive, and nor do we have experience shopping with most of these places.

Nellie Joans (NZ)

Boobytraps (Australia)

B,Wear (Sweden)

Costura Secret Shop (Spain)

Emerald Erin (Canada)

Fit2Sew (UK)

Sew Curvy (UK)

Sewing Chest (UK)

The Bra Shop (UK)

Tia Knight Fabric (UK)

Vena Cava Design (UK)

Bra and Corset Supplies (USA)

Tailormade (USA)


Have we missed any local treasures? Let us know in the comments!


Leila and I worked with Helen from Nellie Joans, who is NZ based but ships world-wide, to put together some gorgeous kits in lovely colour combos both for our Banksia Bralette. Get 15% off your Banksia Bralette kit from Nellie Joans with code 'MBXNJ15'.



  • Bra builders! USA

  • Surge Fabric Shop has bralette supplies and very good service. In USA. Surgefabricshop.com

    Sue Erdmann
  • Hi PJ,

    Emerald Erin is Canada based and stocks the lot.


  • Any stores in Canada?


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