Tarlee T-Shirt Fabric

Tarlee T-Shirt Fabric

Our Tarlee T-Shirt is here!

We partnered with A+R Fabric for our sample garments for the Tarlee T-Shirt pattern launch. Trin from A+R kindly provided Leila and me with fabric of our choosing, but also provided fabric to Sierra and Kristina (@sierraburrell and @plumkitchen respectively).


Gorgeous Cotton Knits

Above, Leila wears black A+R Fabrics organic cotton/elastane jersey sewn up into a long-sleeve, crewneck Tarlee. How great does the Tarlee look tucked into Noice Jeans?

I used white A+R Fabrics organic cotton/elastane jersey as a short-sleeve crewneck Tarlee, which I've half-tucked into the Birchgrove Pants.

This cotton fabric was plush and remained opaque even when stretched (I was so pleased to find I didn't have to change the colour of my overlocking thread, or try and find a 'nude bra' to wear under this white tee.


Merino Tarlee T-Shirt

Sierra used scarlet red merino from A+R Fabric for this turtleneck Tarlee. This bright colour is an absolute showstopper (and looks lovely on Sierra). This red will look great layered under other makes to winterize outfits.


Kristina used A+R's whiskey merino to make this long-sleeve crewneck Tarlee.This rich autumnal yellow is a lovely mustardy shade which will work well with many colours. Kristina wears her Tarlee with our Willandra Pants.


Leila used A+R's charcoal merino jersey for this Tarlee. This merino is relatively lightweight (especially in -4C), but would lovely layered under other items. Leila is wearing her Tarlee tucked into Noice Jeans!


Like Kristina, I used the whiskey merino for this Tarlee. This rich colour is one of my favourite, and the fabric is a great weight for winter here in NZ.


What else could you use?

For Tarlee T-Shirt fabric, we recommend knit fabrics with either 2-way or 4-way stretch with stretch of at least 40%. Fabric like cotton jersey, cotton/spandex jersey, interlock, bamboo jersey, merino jersey, merino interlock and cotton/modal jersey would all be great choices.

You can also plan ahead and choose a fabric that you'd be happy to wear as undies- cut yourself out some Kapunda Undies from your leftovers at the same time you cut out your Tarlee!

For something completely different- try sewing the Tarlee up in a swimwear fabric, for the perfect sun protection or rash vest for the beach this summer!


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