Our tops with Willandra Pants

Our tops with Willandra Pants

From the 10th-17th of September we're celebrating Willandra Pants Week!

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Wearing your Willandra Pants

Our Willandra Pants are versatile and work well as part of your Muna and Broad capsule wardrobe! Today, we wanted to show a few different ways that we wear our Willandra Pants by pairing them with our Nullarbor Cami, Waikerie Shirt and Torrens Box Top.


With the Nullarbor Cami

The Nullarbor Cami and the Willandra Pants are the perfect combination! Worn here as a great two-piece, the Nullarbor also makes a great faux-jumpsuit when made in matching fabrics. Pairing two drapey fabrics together can make for a great, elevated look!


With the Waikerie Shirt

You can wear the View A of our Waikerie Shirt un-tucked (on most makers it will be the perfect length to sit at the waistband but not expose any flesh). You can also wear View B or View C of the Waikerie Shirt loose or tucked in to your Willandra Pants! You can also wear the Waikerie Shirt unbuttoned over a Nullarbor Cami!


With our Torrens Box Top

The Torrens Box Top and Willandra pants can make an effortless combo. Wear your Torrens untucked, or try a French tuck like Leila has below. What I especially love about Leila's outfit below is the contrast between the quite structured wool Torrens and the drapey black Willandra Pants!

With the Huon Shirt

Katie of @katie_parrott shared this gorgeous Huon Shirt and Willandra Pants combo on instagram. The colours here are absolutely gorgeous, and we love seeing the Huon getting the half-tuck treatment!


Keep an eye out for more blog posts about our Willandra Pants this week! Including some inspirational versions from our community of makers!

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