Making bias tape & piping

Making bias tape & piping

Our latest pattern, the Spinifex PJs calls for piping to get a classic PJs look!

Although piping can be purchased ready-made, it’s not difficult to make your own and this gives you the freedom to create the piping for your Spinifex PJs in a fabric or colour that you love!

For garments, we suggest using 1/8” (3mm) piping cord. This will be inserted inside strips of bias.

It’s very important that you use bias strips and not strips cut on the straight grain so that the piping will conform around any curves!

The width of the bias strips will depend on the fabric you use, however as a guide, for this size of piping cord your strips will be approx. 1-1/8” (29mm) or more.


Making your own piping

Once you've made the bias tape, you can use it to make piping! Check out Leila's video on making and attaching piping below.



To make the piping cord:

• If required, join strips of bias together. With right sides together, place the strips at right angles to each other and sew diagonally across the join. Trim and press

• Place the cord on the wrong side of the bias tape and fold the bias strip to fully enclose the cord

• Using a zipper foot, sew a row of stitching very close to the cord to secure it in place. It’s easiest to have the needle in the left most position on the foot for this

• The distance between the stitching line and the raw edges should be the same amount as the seam allowance specified in the pattern. For this pattern, there is a 3/8” (1cm) seam allowance




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