Lining your M&B pants

Lining your M&B pants

 Have you ever wanted to line any of our elastic-waist pants? Today we chat about why you might want to line your pants, and how we like to line ours.

The process works on our Glebe Pants, Birchgrove Pants, Willandra Pants and the concept will work for lining our Sculthorpe Pants, but the pattern pieces make the process a little different.


Why line pants?

I lined my colour-blocked Glebe Pants because the soft pink was not-quite-entirely opaque, and let my undies show through!
A lining can protect you from uncomfortable fabric, like if you find wool to be itchy. A lining also protects your pants from you! This can mean that fabrics that you maybe don't want to machine wash are going to have less contact with your skin, sweat, etc.
If you live somewhere cool where you're layering your pants over tights or leggings, then lining will help your pants sit nicely and stop them catching on your under layers.
In our Glebe Pants instruction booklet, we step you through taping the pocket piece to the front leg before cutting out your lining.
The process is the same for our Birchgrove Pants and Willandra Pants. It's also the same process for lining our Sculthorpe Pants but the pattern pieces are quite different shapes.
We like to construct the outer fabric pants and the lining pants and then insert the lining pants into the outer fabric pants, wrong sides together. You can then join the two at the waist, sandwiching them together when you attach the waistband.
This means that the lining hangs loose and can be turned out (though not entirely removed) for hand-washing if needed.

What about half-lining and petti-pants?

Over on Patreon we share some more info on half-lining your pants using the selvedge edge and of making petti-pants with an unbulky waistband. You can read that here.

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