Layering your Tarlee T-Shirt

Layering your Tarlee T-Shirt



Perfect for layering!

The Tarlee T-Shirt was designed to be worn as a layering piece or alone. The shoulder seam should sit close to your natural shoulder point, which makes it perfectly for layering under dresses, sweaters, and other tops!


Layering under dresses and tops

Because the shoulder seam on the Tarlee sits right on your shoulder, it's a great option for layering under a sleeveless dress.

Winterize your Nullarbor Cami Dress by layering it over a Tarlee Turtle! You could also layer the tee under a Nullarbor Cami, or Torrens Box Top for a bit of extra warmth!

Below, a chartreuse linen, with whiskey merino and bright pink pants is perhaps a very bold example of layering M&B pieces to make an outfit. Below, I'm wearing a Tarlee Turtle, and Glebe Pants with a Waikerie Dress (View C) as a duster coat.



Layering under coats & jackets

Above, a full M&B outfit with a Tarlee T-Shirt, Glebe Pants and Shoalhaven Shacket.

Below, Sierra of @sierraburrell layers here Tarlee under a RTW jacket- I love how a jacket which is quite open at the front will shows even more of that gorgeous Scarlet Red Merino!


Of course, since all of our patterns are designed to work together, the Tarlee will look great layered under any of our outerwear patterns! See all our outerwear patterns here.



Tarlee under your vests and sweaters

Since the shoulder seam of the Tarlee is designed to hit right at your shoulder, it's a great choice for pairing with vests and sweaters which have a tighter fit under the armhole- the Tarlee isn't adding bulk to your underarm.

If you're a knitter (or just enjoy a chunky sweater), the Tarlee is a great choice for layering underneath because the fit of the sleeves and shoulder won't be adding any bulk at the underarm!


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