Hacking a Torrens Box Dress

We think the Torrens is an especially hack-able pattern, especially now that the pattern comes with multiple sleeve options! Including the short sleeve pictured, we've added a long-sleeve option, and a wider long-sleeve which is perfect for adding cuffs too (Just like Leila did on this top)!


To make this Torrens Box Dress, I lengthened the pattern straight down (after making sure the finished hip measurement would give me a comfortable amount of ease). I toyed with the idea of adding in-seam pockets or patch pockets to the dress, but decided not to. I also thought about creating more of a cocoon shape by adding 4 darts around the hem of dress (2 at the front and 2 at the back).

In terms of what else is possible with this very simple hack, next in the queue might be a cuff sleeve boxy dress (with the wide-sleeve piece and a narrow elastic cuff band), or a short-sleeve boxy dress with a gathered waist.


  • Great question Margs! I had 3 metres of quite narrow fabric, but I think I could have squeezed it out of 2.5metres- it really depends how long you want the dress to be (I also have a very generous hem).
    I hope that helps!

  • How much do you recommend adding to make a dress? I’ve got some fabric set aside 😁😁


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