Fabrics for your Pyrmont

Fabrics for your Pyrmont

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The Pyrmont Skirt is an easy-to-sew midi length pleated skirt which was designed to be paired with light-medium weight fabrics. Perfect for using that shirt-appropriate yardage in your stash, today we're rounding up some of the fabrics we used for our Pyrmonts!

Perfect with patterns!

Leila's gingham Pyrmont Skirt is a classic 'check with pleats' skirt!The Pyrmont is relatively straightforward to pattern-match with, if that's important to you, but you could also avoid the need by picking a more abstract patterned fabric like a print from Molly Molly!
The fabric that Leila used a medium-weight linen, which gives a soft, extra relaxed look to the skirt!
Below, another shirting weight fabric, but one that is much crisper. This lightweight cotton shirting is an opaque fabric that's described with words like tightly woven, subtle sheen, and crisp hand feel- keep your eyes open if you're shopping online as these descriptors will get you a similar fabric.
Leila's gingham skirt has banrol in the flat-front waistband, and mine has a very firm interfacing that was purchased for using with hat brims. This helps ensure that your waistband stays as un-crumpled as possible.

Shiny and Drapey Pyrmont fabrics

Above, an 86gsm (2oz) cotton sateen with a spotty print. Even at this light weight the fabric is opaque, and the sateen weave makes it a crisp, bouncy yet lightweight fabric. The most lightweight version of the Pyrmont, this fabric looks delicate and floaty while avoiding letting your undies shine through.
On the opposite end of the spectrum from floaty is Leila's hefty tencel twill Pyrmont, which almost looks like a fancy silk evening skirt. She's sure it will soften with wear and washing (as tencel always does), but will still remain on the fancier end of fabric choices for your Pyrmont Skirt.

A gauze Pyrmont

And finally, with a modified waistband that made it inappropriate for the product listing page of the Pyrmont Skirt- an experiment with a jacquard gauze fabric! This version has elastic throughout the waistband (no flat front) and no interfacing on the waistband.
It was surprisingly easy to sew up- because it's such a quick sew the gauze didn't have time to shift out of shape and cause issues! We'd love to see some textured double gauze Pyrmont out in the world!

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