Fabric thrifty patterns

Fabric thrifty patterns

We always get a thrill when we manage to get fabric-thrifty patterns for plus-size bodies, and we've got a surprising number of patterns that use less than 2 metres of fabric!

We absolutely love to ensure that you can get excellently-fitting clothes for your bod, using as little fabric as possible!

Here's a little roundup of some of our fabric-thriftiest patterns, but also check out our earlier post on cutting to save fabric.


The Torrens Box Top uses just 1.5m/1.7y of 150cm/45" wide fabric for all the sizes when you make the sleeve-band view!

The largest of the sizes of our Apreon Pattern take  

1.7m/1.9yds (150cm/60” wide)
1.7m/1.9yds (115cm/45” wide)

Because the smaller sizes are even more fabric thrifty, you could splurge on a special fabric (like the laminated fabric I used for my Apreon- see some recommendations here.

The Atrax Top and Whitlam Skirt are low-fabric-constumption patterns when made separately, but they're also fabric thrifty when made as a matching set! Check out the cutting layout here to see the layout that will get you an Atrax to match your Whitlam with barely any extra fabric!

If you'd like to work out yardage for your exact size, particularly when cutting out 2 patterns at once, you can skip playing pattern tetris on a massive scale and check out my video where I step you through printing out mini-versions of your pattern to calculate yardage.

Undies & Bralette

When Leila put together a special cutting layout for our Banksia Bralette & Waratah Undies kits at Nellie Joans (no longer available, but see the layout here), we discovered that Sizes A-F can use 1.2m of fabric to cut a Banksia and 2 pairs of Waratah Undies!

Nellie Joans currently has Dulcie Boxer Brief Kits and our custom branded elastic in stock.

A bit of a left-field entry into fabric thrifty territory, but I'm including the Belmore Jacket because the design-lines make it perfect for scrapbusting (which is the ultimate thriftiness)! Leila used leftover denims from her Noice Jeans to make this colourblocked Belmore.

I'm sure we all have quite a few of those 'nice fabrics left after cutting other things and there's not quite enough for a project on itself' (I definitely do)!


Nullarbor Cami is the ultimate thrifty joy, with the cami needing around a metre of fabric, and not much more than than when you cut it on the bias! This makes the Nullarbor perfect for remnant shopping, for leftovers from your pants making, or for special (but pricey) fabrics like silks.

How often can you make a garment for yourself with a metre of fabric?

Sizes A-H
• 0.9m/1 yards (150cm/60” wide)
• 1.1m/1.2 yards (115cm/45” wide)

Sizes I-M
• 1.1m/1.2 yards (150cm/60” wide)
• 1.4m/1.5 yards (115cm/45” wide)

Coming in as a 'surprisingly thrifty' option, the Waikerie Shirt (and particularly View A, the cropped view).

View A (cropped, short sleeve)

• 2m/2.2 yards(150cm/60” wide)

• 2.5m/2.7 yards (115cm/45” wide)

I feel like I've also used close to 2 metres for the longer view, particularly when I've made the collarless version.

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