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Apreon Sewing Pattern PDF

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The Apreon is a simple cross back style apron designed for full coverage across the chest and sides. No splash zone! We have added some shaping under the armpits to elevate the fit and a very large pocket. Our sizing fits a variety of body sizes, including children and smaller adults. A very quick sew, this apron is ideal for gift giving or making for yourself.

Our Apreon comes with sizes
Small Child, Smaller Adult, Sizes A-D, Sizes E-H, Sizes I-M


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Difficulty 1/5

Sizes Available:

Small Child, Smaller Adult, Sizes A to D, Sizes E-H, Sizes I M (see size chart in images)

If our sizes are too small to include you, we will grade our patterns up for you. Please get in touch with us here.


If you're unsure about what size to use, you can always email your measurements to for specific sizing advice.

Selecting your size

This pattern doesn’t really conform to conventional size charts or indeed our own size chart as it is extremely size-flexible. The main differences in the adult sizes are the width of the bib and the over all width. Picking a different size will affect the amount of crossover behind the body. The Apreon does not fully overlap at the back. It will overlap more at the top than at the bottom. It is normal for there to be a gap at your buttocks.

We suggest using your standard M and B size as above if you’re included in the chart. If you are smaller than our chart, the “smaller adult” size should be right for you. There’s a small child size for the small ones in your life - approx for ages 3-8 years.

Alterations in length can be easily made by shortening or lengthening at the hem.

It is always recommended to sew a toile/muslin before cutting in to your 'good' fabric.

We often get asked what height our patterns are drafted for

We don’t note this on our patterns because the body’s proportions can make an overall height very misleading.
For example, you might technically be the “same height” as the draft, but you might have proportionally longer legs. In that case, a pants pattern may be very short for you. We do not subscribe to the notion of “normal bodies” and that is why we provide finished garment measurements instead of drafting height.
For all patterns (not just ours!), we always recommend comparing the finished measurements (and measurements taken from the pattern itself) to your body. Use the shorten/lengthen lines to adjust as necessary.

Suggested Fabric:

This pattern is designed for use with a wide variety of woven (non-stretch) fabrics. We suggest medium and medium-heavyweight linen, cotton twill, canvas, denim, oilcloth, waxed canvas, cotton broadcloth, quilting cotton, tencel twill.


Some sizes are cut on the crossgrain and may not be suitable for directional prints. Please check the cutting diagrams for your size

Fabric Yardage:

Sizes A-D
• 1m/1.1yds (150cm/60” wide)
• 1.4m/1.6yds (115cm/45” wide)
• 1.1m (1.2yds), 1/2” (1.25cm) wide single fold bias binding (purchased or homemade)

Sizes E-H
• 1.5m/1.7yds (150cm/60” wide)
• 1.5m/1.7yds (115cm/45” wide)
• 1.5m (1.6yds), 1/2” (1.25cm) wide single fold bias binding (purchased or homemade)

Sizes I-M
• 1.7m/1.9yds (150cm/60” wide)
• 1.7m/1.9yds ((115cm/45” wide)
• 1.5m (1.6yds), 1/2” (1.25cm) wide single fold bias binding (purchased or homemade)

Smaller Adult
• 1.2m/1.3yds (150cm/60” wide)
• 1.2m/1.3yds (115cm/45” wide)
• 1m (1.1yds), 1/2” (1.25cm) wide single fold bias binding (purchased or homemade)

Small Child (approx age 3-8)
• 0.5m/0.6yds (150cm/60” wide)
• 0.5m/0.6yds (115cm/45” wide)
• 0.6m (0.7yds), 1/2” (1.25cm) wide single fold bias binding (purchased or homemade)

Ensure your fabric is washed and pre-shrunk before cutting.


• 0.2m/0.3yds (50cm/20” wide) lightweight fusible interfacing
• Matching all purpose thread


Our videos and blogs:


Apreon inspo:

Check out the hashtag, #Apreon


Wear your Apreon for making of any kind!

You are purchasing a multi-sizes digital sewing pattern for home use only (not commercial use). This digital pattern comes with PDF files for A4 and Letter sized paper, a large format A0 PDF file and an illustrated set of instructions illustrated pattern instructions to take you step-by step-through the process of making the pattern.

These files need to be opened and saved on desktop or laptop computers — you won't be able to open them on your smart phone.

Muna and Broad make plus-size sewing patterns for Sizes 12+. If our size chart is too small to include you, we will grade our patterns to your size at no additional cost.

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