Cup sizes for Banksia

Cup sizes for Banksia

The Banksia Bralette was drafted for a sewing-cup size D cup (4” difference between over-bust and full-bust measurement) or a B cup (2” difference).

Sewing-cup sizes are different to bra-cup sizes and are calculated using the difference between the over-bust and full-bust measurements. This means that most folks will not need to do a FBA to increase the size of the bralette.

Leila's Banksia Bralette

Leila wears a 40H US Bra size RTW, but her sewing-cup size is D, not H.

Leila's measurements Upper-Bust 46" (117cm), Full-Bust 50" (127cm), Under-bust/Band 40" (101.5cm)

In the Banksia Bralette, Leila makes Size F, with the D Cup pieces.

The bralette pictured above has wider shoulders than the final version of the pattern.


Choosing your size

Choose your size for the Banksia based mostly on your under-bust measurement, as each of the cup-sizes will accommodate a wide-range of breast shapes and sizes.The D cup piece is intended for a 4" difference between over-bust and full-bust, and the B cup is intended for a 2" difference.

Narrow Shoulders? If you have narrow shoulders, this could throw off the sewing cup-size measurements. Most folks know when they have narrow shoulders (I definitely do), so we encourage you to use the narrow-shoulder pieces if you know that's you.

Questions and larger sizes

As always, if our sizes are too small for you, then we will grade our patterns up to your measurements. Read more about this, or get in touch here.

We want to help you get the best fit possible! If you have questions about what size to pick, or if our illustrated-instructions and sew-along videos aren't quite cutting it, please get in contact here.

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