Comparing our undies

Comparing our undies

What's the difference between the fit on our new Kapunda Undies and our original Waratah Undies and Period Undies?

We're getting lots of questions from makers who are keen to know the differences between our two undies patterns, so below we've put together some side-by-side photos of the two and talked a little about the differences.



On the left, Waratah Undies and on the right, Kapunda Undies


The Kapunda Undies

The new Kapunda Undies are super high-waisted undies which we think have a bit of a vintage vibe. They feature a fully enclosed gusset, and a new, extra comfortable (and easier) elastic application. The cut around the leg is also a little lower than the Waratah, which gives additional coverage if you have a belly overhang.

Unlike the Waratah, the Kapunda Undies can be made in both 4-way and 2-way stretch fabric. This makes them more flexible for scrap-busting and easier to fabric shop for too! The standard elastic finish on the Kapunda Undies is fold-over elastic applied flat with RST, then flipped and zigzagged down- we're loving the comfort level on this finish!

We have rated the difficulty of the Kapunda Undies as 1/5- they're the perfect beginner project, and the elastic application is a bit easier than the method used for the Waratah.

How do the Kapunda Undies fit?

On me, the Kapunda Undies sit in my natural waist above my hips- they're a similar rise to our Glebe Pants and they hit at just the right spot that they don't want to move down during the day. These are my new favourite undies, and I'm very much enjoying my merino versions in 2-way stretch fabric! If you like high-waisted undies- these might be the undies for you.



On the left, Kapunda Undies and on the right, Waratah Undies

The Waratah Undies

The Waratah Undies and Period Undies are designed to sit at your belly button, or in the crease of your B if you have a B shaped belly. The back rise is high (but not as high as the Kapunda Undies), and they feature a wide gusset which isn't fully enclosed and is sewn down with a zigzag stitch. The Waratah Undies are cut a little higher around the front of the leg and the elastic application is a little different from the Kapunda Undies (and dare we say, takes a little more getting used to).

We have rated the difficulty of the Waratah Undies as 2/5.


How do the Waratah Undies fit?

The Waratah Undies are bikini style undies which are designed with large bodies in mind. The top of these undies are designed to sit at your belly-button, which ensures they stay put! If you prefer a bikini style, as opposed to a high-waisted style with more coverage, then the Waratah Undies could be the perfect undies for you!


On the left, Waratah Undies and on the right, Kapunda Undies


Want to know more?

Read our previous blog post on choosing fabric for your Kapundies here, and  read our other blog post about mesh fabric for your undies here.


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Thanks for the comparison! I just made some Waratah which fit well, but I think I will try the Kapunda since I like more bottom coverage. This was helpful.


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