Chore Jacket time!

Chore Jacket time!

The Cobden Chore Jacket is a simple lightweight jacket designed to be made with with rugged fabrics like denim and canvas. We've added lots of pockets of all shapes and sizes so that you can carry all kinds of things (even your huge phone).

We were both very pleased when this jacket fit onto just 2 A0 pages (it's the little things). Great in denim for a work-wear vibe, or a bright shade for a fun every day jacket!

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The Cobden Chore Jacket pattern started life as a set of instructions to pattern hack our Shoalhaven Shacket into a chore jacket for our Patreon Insiders and Makers.

This Patreon Pattern Bonus came about because we knew that Nora of @isewinkzoo really wanted an M&B chore jacket and she got us thinking! Having put together the pattern bonus, we realised that sometimes folks just want the work done for them, so the Cobden was born!


The instructions step you through faux flat-felled seams, but we've ensured that the seam allowances are wide enough for a true flat-fell if that's more your style. Instructions are given throughout the process on when to switch to your topstitching thread, and we've organised them for minimal thread switching!

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