Willandra Pants are here

Willandra Pants are here

Say hello to our latest pants pattern, the Willandra Pants!


Willandra Pants from Muna and Broad

 Leila has a 54" hip and makes Size 1 Willandra Pants

Pattern Features

The Willandra Pants have an unusual side seam which runs almost diagonally down the leg, a classy pocket detail and a flat-front waistband all of which make this a slightly dressier look- perfect for work and events. These ankle-length pants also have the built in adjustments that our other pants feature (with a rise that's similar to our Sculthorpe Pants, so a little less high than our Glebe Pants) so there's plenty of room front and back.


Willandra Pants from Muna and Broad Plus size pants pattern


Fabric Requirements

The Wilandra pants need drape! Unfortunately, this isn't the time for lovely heavy-weight linen but it's the perfect opportunity to break out the tencel, cupro, viscose/viscose blends, rayon or lightweight-crepe fabrics.

Do you need to toile?

As with all our pants, they're so comfortable that you could absolutely wear them as pyjamas, which is coincidentally a really handy plan for toiling pants- make them up in something drapey that you'd be happy to sleep in before you go ahead and cut in to your final fabric.


 Jess has a 56" hip and makes Size 1 Willandra Pants


What size should you make?

We recommend avoiding 'sizing-up' for our patterns, even if your measurements are closer to the next size up. In most cases, grading between the waist and the hip can be skipped because you can customise the length of your elastic to achieve a great-fit at the waist.

To choose your M&B size for pants use your hip measurement and pick which size your measurement falls in, not which size your measurement is closest to. This means if you're 1" smaller than a size then your size would be the size below, not necessarily the one closest to your actual measurements.

Often in plus-size sewing, it can be tempting to 'size-up as you can always bring it in later, but since our patterns are designed with large bodies in mind, we've already built in the extra room and there's no need to err on the side of caution.


I'm ready to sew, now what?

Check out Leila's Sew-Along video of our Willandra Pants on Youtube. Leila will step you through construction of your Willandra Pants, and give you some helpful tips along the way.

Our Youtube Channel is full of helpful videos which will help you sew all of our patterns to date!


Hi Jess – I’d appreciate your guidance please
My hips are 58", which would suggest using Size 2.
But my waist is 52" = Size 4. My thought is to go with a Size 3, but knowing the pattern as you do, what would you suggest?
Thank you


Hi Beck,

Your 127cm hip puts you in Size ii, but your belly would technically jump you in to the Size i range. I would recommend making a toile in Size i and keep in mind that you may ultimately size down to Size ii

Jess from Muna and Broad

So I’m getting this all correct, if my hips themselves are 127cm, but my full tummy is 136~ cm it’s already been drafted in, and making a size 1 might not be the way to go? I hit closer to the size i measurements, but my belly fluctuates.

(Also 3rd pants pattern? In woven? I love you!!)


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