Willandra Pants- all the details!

Willandra Pants- all the details!

From the 10th-17th of September we're celebrating Willandra Pants Week!

Why are we talking about this pattern we launched in May? Everyone who tries our Willandra Pants loves them and they're a little bit fancier than our usual pants!

If you're a Maker or Insider on our Patreon, you'll have a 15% off discount code to use whenever the mood strikes!

During the week we'll be sharing a few different blog posts about the Willandra, including a post full of inspiring makers from our community in these excellent pants!


But, they almost didn't get released!

Our pattern development process involves a lot of instagram messages and exchanges of pictures before Leila drafts a pattern in our sample size (Old Size 1, now Size F). Leila made the pants to test them and then digitized her sketched pattern and emailed it to me. I printed the pattern and then gave them a go in some drapey viscose.

This was around the same time we were working on releasing the Sculthorpe Pants, we already had the Glebe Pants, it felt like a lot of pants, so we shelved the pattern and continued working on launching the Sculthorpe Pants instead.

It wasn't until maybe a month-or-so later that I realised that I was reaching for my Willandra Pants a lot! They made me feel put-together, I loved wearing them for work and they were really filling a gap in my wardrobe for polished workwear that I didn't know I had.


Pattern testing

There's some great features to these pants, which make for a super-satisfying sew, even though it's a project that you can sew up in an afternoon. The pants have a high-waist and are the perfect mix of fitted, fancy pants that are also super comfortable. They're basically the fanciest looking secret pyjamas in our wardrobe.

During the week we'll be sharing photos of our pants on lots of different makers and more!


If you're a Maker or Insider on our Patreon, you'll have a 15% off discount code to use on any of our patterns (at any time).

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