Whitlam's 2 bum fits

Whitlam's 2 bum fits

Our new Whitlam Skirt is available to the general public!

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2 Back Fits

Although our new Whitlam Skirt appears simple, we have incorporated some tricks to achieve a sleek silhouette.

The Whitlam Skirt comes with the option of two fits for the back, Leila (black skirt) uses our Fit 1 back and I'm wearing Fit 2 (red skirt).

Understanding our back fit options

This pattern gives you the option of two fits for the back. The hip and waist measurements for both fits are the same, however the shaping of the transition
between the waist and hip is different.
Fit 1 is appropriate for people with a substantial tissue deposit at the sacrum, resulting in a significant angle between the top of the buttocks and the cheeks when viewed from the side.
Fit 2 represents a comparatively smoother transition between the back and the buttocks.

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