What size Sculthorpe Pants should you make?

What size Sculthorpe Pants should you make?

This might seem like a pretty intuitive choice, but our patterns are made with large bodies in mind! We want to avoid you cutting out a size, only to discover that you could have used the size down!

Because Leila is plus-size, when she drafts she includes room for your leg to change shape as you sit down, and for your hip to become larger when seated. In most other patterns if Size 1 is a 54" hip and Size 2 is a 56.5" hip but you have a 56" hip then you would choose the Size 2, it's not the best choice for our patterns!

Below is the size chart for all of our pants and we really recommend that when you choose what size to print, you should choose the range that you fall between, rather than the closest number to your size.

For example, if you have a 58.5" hip then we recommend making a Size 2, and if your hip is 48.5" then we recommend making a Size iii. We'd go a little further and say that if you're a 66.45" hip then we suggest you make Size 5.

Because the pants have been drafted knowing how your body will move and change, there's no need to 'make the size up, just in case'!

I'm around a 56" hip (more or less, depending on the day), and I'm a 59" hip when seated but I always make our sample Size 1 (54-56.5" hip)

Leila has a 54" hip and uses our Size 1 (which is our starting pattern where she grades up and down from)!

If in doubt, please do get in touch before you cut your fabric out, or follow the rules above and resist the temptation to size up to the nearest number!


Happy Making!



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I’m an apple, with a 50" waist, & 52" hips. Would I make a size 3 pant, & grade down the hips?


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