We're turning 3!

We're turning 3!

Can you believe that M&B is turning 3 years old? We certainly can't!

Over the past 3 years we've released 29 patterns (pattern number 30 is out with testers)! We're so proud of what we've been able to do with the support from our amazing community of makers!

Save this week, in celebration!

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Join us on Insta

We're running a little photo challenge on Instagram to celebrate turning 3- it's meant to be very low key, and low stress. There's absolutely no expectation that you have to take part every day, just as you are moved to do so.

In previous years we've celebrated a different pattern every day, but 29 patterns is just a bit much! We've condensed it down into garment categories, so on Saturda you can show us all of your M&B pants, your favourite M&B pants, the M&B pants you just happen to be wearing, or the M&B pants you're currently working on sewing up.

We're so excited to see how our patterns have made their way into your wardrobe and also onto your bodies!

There'll be random giveaways each day which will include patterns, our custom elastic, M&B labels and more!

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