Thandi's Willandra Pants

Thandi's Willandra Pants

Today we're thrilled to welcome Thandi of @thandiwh to the blog for our first ever guest blog post!

Thandi's gorgeous floral Willandra Pants were our first patterned Willandra Pants- we know that for sure because Thandi was one of our testers!



My Magic Pants (with apologies to UK audience members)

I’m not really a dress person, no matter how hard I try. I love pants. All pants. Crisp trousers, floaty culottes, wide-legged wonders, slouchy joggers, you name it, I’ve made it. But the thing all of these pairs of pants have in common is my standard crotch adjustment. I have what is politely termed a prominent, curved pubis and my lower torso length is apparently freakishly long if the patterns I’ve made are anything to go by. Pants rarely cover my bum properly (hello wedgies and pants falling down all the damn day) and I seldom get the belly coverage I want, so I always ALWAYS muslin a new pants pattern. But this time, this time I went rogue. Jess asked if I wanted to test the Willandra pants and I was so excited, because if there is one thing I love almost as much as a good shirt it’s a pair of tapered pants. Wide legs are lovely, sure, but a good taper cannot be beaten in my books. I ordered my fabric right away and was eagerly awaiting it when suddenly South Africa went into lockdown and no parcels were being delivered. My beautiful rayon was sitting in a depot for five weeks. I completely missed the testing period. By the time my fabric arrived I thought to myself “I trust Jess and Leila, so let’s just do this thing”. I was expecting a good pattern, but what I didn’t expect was a pattern that was going to totally blow my mind. I did not make a single adjustment. Not one. 

My pants had the perfect rise and the crotch curve, oh lawdy that crotch curve, it was a thing of beauty. The thing about Muna & Broad patterns is that it’s about so much more than just great fit. Leila includes these details that seem crazy when you’re looking at the pattern pieces and I must admit I second guessed the instructions a few times. But once I figured out the point of the bonkers construction method, I realised that it wasn’t nearly as complicated as I was making it out to be. In fact, it’s all quite intuitive, it’s just not what I’m used to. The flat belly pockets are my favourite feature of these pants, which is saying a lot if you’ve noticed that magnificent curved seam that runs along the calf. They come together like magic and lie perfectly hidden inside the seams. But let’s take a moment to admire that curved seam.

 I’m a little scared of curves if I’m honest, what if they need easing? I cannot ease. I am totally without ease (unless there’s a glass of wine involved). And what if I get it wrong and the pattern pieces don’t line up properly and then I have to fight with the hem? So much to go wrong. But once again this perfectly drafted pattern put me in my place. Those leg pieces went together so fast that I double checked to make sure I hadn’t done something wrong! Every part of this pattern is carefully and meticulously thought out. You can leave any sewing anxieties at the door.

Bet you can’t do this in your favourite woven pants!

And check out that butt. No poufy, baggy, balloon butt, oh no. Room enough to move and sit and nap (I have napped so many times in these pants), but no exaggerated MC Hammer effect happening around these hips.


Willandra Pants Week

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