Tarawi deep dive

Tarawi deep dive

The Tarawi Shirt is the 23rd pattern that we've released over the last 2 years!


Choosing your cup-size

The Tarawi Shirt comes with 4 different bust options. Because of the confusion between ready-to-wear bra sizing and sewing cup sizing, we have chosen measurement-based descriptors in naming our different options. Our 2+ option indicates a 2” difference between the upper bust and full bust measurement, 4+ is a 4” difference, and 6+ is a 6” difference. The “no bust” front is designed for people with no breast tissue (e.g. mastectomy or top surgery) or people who bind their chests.

Much like our size chart, the cup-sizes exist in bands. The 2+ size should suit folks with 2"-3.75" difference between upper and full bust.

The unique shape of your breasts will make a difference to the ideal placement of your bust dart. As always, toiling is an excellent idea and having a good look at paged 5-6 in our instruction booklet will help you start off with the right size.

We're also happy to help you choose a good starting size based on your measurements if you're still uncertain after reading the instructions. Contact us here.

 Using our size chart

Our Tarawi Shirt is available from a 36"-66" (91-168cm) Bust and a 41.5"-71.5" (105-182cm) Hip. We will grade this pattern up at no extra cost, if our size chart is too small to include you (contact us about this service here).

Choose your main size primarily based on your upper-bust measurement and then choose the corresponding cup size. You can blend the bust size to a different hip size, if required. Do not worry about your waist measurement unless it is larger than your hip (in which case, use this larger measurement as your hip measurement when selecting your size).

In terms of choosing your particular size, our size chart works in bands, rather than having you choose your size by the number which is closest to your measurement. For example, if your upper bust is 37.75", then Size A is your best choice, but if it's 38" then Size B would be for you. Basically, until you hit the stated measurement of the size above, then the size below is what we'd recommend to you. Avoid the temptation to 'size up, just in case', as we've built in room to accommodate your body.

Worried about sizing? We're here to help! Contact us here and send through your measurements and we can help you choose the best size to get you started.

Narrow Sleeves and Narrow Neck

This pattern includes a regular and a narrow sleeve option, however both are generously cut and designed for large bodies. There is approximately 3/4” (2cm) difference between bicep measurements and the sleeve head is about 1” (2.5cm) higher in the narrow option.  How to know which option to use? If you often have to do a full bicep adjustment, select the “regular sleeve” option, and if you most patterns accommodate your arms, the “narrow sleeve” is likely right for you.

We've also got a regular and narrow neck option for the shirt too. Perhaps you know that you have a small or a large neck, if so choose accordingly. If you're not certain, take a measurement of your neck and compare to the finished measurements chart.


 Free sew-along videos!

We know lots of folks appreciate our sew-along videos! Leila always drops plenty of excellent tips in while she's talking through the various steps.

Over on our YouTube channel, we have videos stepping you through Notching and interfacing the fronts, sewing the darts, constructing the two-piece collar, attaching the two-piece collar, a pocket sew-along, and a video showing you how to insert the sleeve.


Want to support our work?

Join us on Patreon! Insiders and Makers get 15% off all of our patterns, access to monthly pattern bonuses and other exclusive content. Patreons get access to our exclusive online forum, invites to Zoom sewing circles, and access to weekly video chats.

 The August Patreon Pattern Bonus for Insiders and Makers is some alternative pockets for our Tarawi Shirt and roll up sleeve button tabs, to keep your sleeves cuffed.


I am very enthused about your, soon to be my Tarawi shirt. I appreciate all of the extra work you put into making the samples, advanced publicity, wonderful videos and all the support you give via instagram and every platform you are choosing. Thank you so much for making sewing for even “no bust” people a supported pattern. I know of no other pattern company which offers such support both in pre-distribution and in regular distribution patterns. Thank you so very much for your helpful attitude and professional approach to sewing for bodies like yours, mine and ours.

Barbara Klink

You are inspirational. I have three of your patterns.

Heidi Luotolahti-Pitkäranta

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